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Overlong and overlate weekend with Rocky

Overlong and Overlate

I had a headache today up until about an hour ago. It was tolerable earlier in the day but as the evening progressed, so did the pain. It escalated after a hearty dinner of steak on the grill and all the trimmings and spiked as I was packing to leave my friends′ place. It was awful. My first night roleplaying in many months and I spend half of the session leaning back with my eyes closed and my character quietly standing guard by the road whilst the rest of the party investigates a shape shifting entity off in the field. The pain has almost completely left me now and I feel much better, if only a bit sleepy. I will attempt to chronicle my weekend in full and in one go but my time is not inexhaustible tonite.

I had the unfortunance of scheduled overtime work Saturday morning but my attempts to act in a responsible manner to get the requisite amount of sleep was thwarted by my body's absolute refusal to actually sleep. I read in bed for at least an hour before turning out the light and then lay in bed for nearly another half-hour not sleeping. I read again for another half and lay sleepless for yet another half before finally giving up and writing a Live Journal entry describing the merits of a good night's sleep and complaining about my lack thereof. At about one-thirty am I was about to post when I noticed the new feature on the entry page about tags and attempted to open the help link in another window. The entry window was used and when I went back a page my entire whiny entry was lost. A surprising setback considering other incidents retained the text in the entry field after leaving and returning to the page. So I gave up, went back to bed and after some emotional struggles in my weakened and weary state of mind I finally plunged into sleep.

Work. Blah. What more can I say? I looked forward to this about as much as returning home as I still had a few but significant chores awaiting me. The lawn was mowed, aquarium water changed and clothing washed, if not folded. A late lunch and some video games later and it was time to start preparing for the evening's festivities. Caleb was the only one I could get ahold of and we agreed to meet to see Batman Begins early evening.

The movie was quite good. Some interesting points:

  • Tho' there were many flashbacks, the entire movie seemed to take place within the same time period: the Future.
  • I spent most of the movie wondering where else I had seen Mark Boone Junior. It drove me nuts because I absolutely KNEW that I had seen him before and he hardly looked any different. I could just see him in my mind absently twisting a scraggly mustache with grubby fingers. I spent so much time wondering where the hell else I had seen him whenever he was on-screen that I never noticed who his character was or his significance to the film I was presently watching. It wasn't until the final credit scroll that it suddenly struck me: Memento! Seeing the name Christopher Nolan and remembering that movie did it and I yelped with avowal. If only it came an hour earlier.</li>

  • The bad guy's big, scary super weapon was a military device that could instantly turn water into vapor, intended for use in decimating an enemy's supplies. This, of course, was used on Gotham's water lines in order to release a deadly hallucinogenic so the citizens themselves would tear the city apart. Two thing occurred to me during the climactic finale when this machine was finally in operation:

    1. On average, the human body is 50-75% water.

    2. Why weren't Batman and Ra's Al Ghul turned into a fine red mist while wrestling atop this thing along with the rest of the people in the Narrows of Gotham?

Overall I enjoyed the movie, but I couldn't help thinking throughout how much I enjoyed Tim Burton's vision, and how much better it would be if he still had a hand in the works. I miss the gothic/art-deco style. But it's definitely better than the previous two films, and will hopefully bring a new spark to the franchise for the future.

We still had some time after so we headed to the bookstore to find a gift for Caleb's dad. We spoke much of comics and I searched for Arkham Asylum since it seems to be the only Batman book he may not have read already. He was surprised to learn the name "Arkham" finds its origins not in Detective Comics, but in the works of a young gentleman from Providence. I showed him a few titles from Del Ray and granted him permission to browse my personal library of his writings. If this sparks an interest I can show him my Batman titles with connexions* to. . . "other" works.

We browsed for an hour until we heard word from Lindsay about Rocky. I asked him to drive since I was operating on only three hours of real sleep and we took my car since he was almost out of fuel. Another incentive was the CD of Metroid Overclocked Remixes and the fact that my car has an appropriate player. So we made it to State Street in time to wonder where everyone else was and meet them while he was shopping for candy at the Triangle Market.

So Renee, Lindsay, Tick, Ahnika, Craig, Caleb and I made our way to the Orpheum to purchase tickets and generally goof around until seating for the show began. Inside we met Colin and his entourage and played musical chairs until seating was had by all. Some of us bought some "fantastic crap" and others accepted free prophylactics. The free stuff was better than the crap whether I can use it or not.

It's been several years since my last Rocky show. I've only seen it with stage show twice before and both were in the same month. -- The Majestic's grand re-opening in '00, I believe. -- I generally knew what to expect but I also knew the cast, crew, props and callbacks had likely changed somewhat over the years so I needn't settle into routine just yet.

It started with the reading of the house rules and virgin induction which was particularly amusing because Ahnika and Craig got to join in. One thing I had only heard of and dared hope to see was Hal's sexy little striptease during Science Fiction Double Feature. A pleasant surprise and a great start to the movie.

The rest was much like I expected with the only dialog audible being crucial to the callbacks given and nearly everything and everyone in the film being remarked upon. I didn't know any of the scripted callbacks so I had to be original and come up with them on the spot. Many of mine were drowned out but I still had a moment of silence at the end when the mansion launches into the sky to blurt out, "Batman is going to be pissed when he gets home." I swear that's the same house.

My favourite line during the night was uttered by Colin:
Colin: Who is Cthulhu?
Columbia: Oh my god!

Hal, bedecked in gold bikini, made the best Rocky I've seen yet. (The other being a big man with large tattoos on his back.) She was obviously having a good time and was much fun to watch whether her character was on screen or not. The only other cast members I recognized were Ash and, I believe, fuzzyinthehead which means I won't remember anyone else's names until the next ice age.

Anyway, half the time I didn't know whether to watch the screen or the cast as they recreated the cinematic antics. The last time I was to a show my attention was directed almost exclusively on the cast as I was ushered in as part of the "lighting crew" where I had the privilege not only of getting free admission, but exclusive seating in the Majestic balcony and the honour of holding a light bulb in a coffee can for the better part of an hour and a half. I got to do this twice and has nothing to do with the fact that it was five years before I came to another show.

The only downpart of the evening were two assholes. One directly in front of me and the other a large, obnoxious fellow who spent most of the film drowning other people out by singing off-key at the top of his lungs and, as Colin best described it, "proceeded to shout callbacks which gravitated toward the lowest common denominator of 'lookit me! I'm swearing in a movie theater!' -type material." I directed some of my own callbacks at him but if I were to do it again I would just give him a direct STFU. As I later learned, this would have been well-received. It turns out, he was from California making a documentary about Rocky stage shows in the Midwest. I fail to see the point in videotaping a show when the only audio will be himself drowning out the local colour and atmosphere.

A splendid time was had by all and afterward my group met most of the cast at Country Kitchen, then Perkins because they were actually open. Some expressed poor planning on the wait staff's part for seating us all in the main dining area but that merely enabled us all to sit together. It was crowded, but one could talk to four people at once if they wanted. While I was attempting to do this Hal snuck up behind me and attacked my hair. We visited through most of the meal and I tried to talk to Collin but he was a few seats away. We compared Ids and spoke of the long-planned Tick marathon. The rest is a blur. It was getting late.

Eventually my group had to leave and I drove Caleb back to his car. Lindsay accompanied me back to town as I didn't want to drive alone on so little sleep from the previous night. The sun was rising as I made it to my own door and you already know the rest.

My alarm was set for Sunday at ten thirty to give ample time to prepare Dad's gift, tidy the living room and pack for the long day. My phone rang to wake me at quarter after noon with Mom wondering where I was and if I was alright. I dove into the shower, then clothes, threw some stuff together and hurried out.

Dinner at the folks' was delicious with roast beef on the grill and it didn't suffer a bit from my tardiness. Dad was happy with his MP3/CD player and I spent a half hour or so teaching him the controls before heading off to the reunion with my gaming group. He understood my brevity as I hadn't seen most of them for quite a while and wished me well and I left.

Josh collected Jon and on the way to James and Mary Ann's and we spent much of the day there. I got another home-cooked meal and we video-conferenced with Chad for the first time in nearly a year. It was great to have the whole gang back together again (except for the splitting headache I inexplicably developed later in the afternoon) and we've already begun comparing schedules for the next time we can do something like that. With luck we'll get in some actual roleplaying.

For now, since this entry is going on six days late as I'm writing this, I should end here – albeit, rather abruptly – and catch up day to day as they go by.

- J I M O U T -

*Yes, I have taken up the British spelling of the word "connection."
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