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Good news, bad news, worse news...

"Looks like we're gonna be putting a little overtime in on this one."

Tom from Air Quality Systems Inc. just left. He looked at my furnace on behalf of Coleman and determined that the heat exchanger is bad and needs to be replaced. Coleman will cover the cost of this. However, since the unit is nearly ten years old he recommended replacing the entire furnace which will cost about $1,400. Whichever I decide I will still have to cut a hole in the wall so the components can be reached since that part of the house was originally built around the furnace when my home was made. I shouldn't use my furnace until this is done. I have until winter to decide.

While he was here I had him check out my central air conditioning unit which had a bad capacitor. Replacing this cost $156.14. Current temperature outside is fifty nine degrees. Sky is overcast with chance of light rain.

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