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War of the Weekend Update

The little man from the draft board heating/AC place will be here as early as eight o'clock (possibly) so I'll call it quits early tonite. Since I don't need to do anything special other than be here and I'll have a few extra hours of awake-time, I might take the opportunity to watch the DVD that someone left in my doorway a few nights back. I suppose I could be watching it in chunks in between work and sleep but this is something that must be viewed in one shot, thus limiting the prime viewing opportunities.

Something else I still need to do is open and play with Dad's MP3/CD player so I can teach him how to use it this weekend. Ahh, and then copy those CDs. So much to do; so little memory.

I've always felt it's bad luck to be superstitious but I take note when I have to stop at every traffic light during my drive home from work. The first thing that happened was the low fuel warning so I had to stop to fill up on the way. The next was a call from crabmoon who had lost her “wallet" somewhere between going to and from my place last night. Third was a message from an eBay auction seller. Last night (or, early this morning, if you will) I purchased a copy of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds PS1 game. Great stuff, you'd think, right? I received an e-mail from him confirming the auction, thanking me for quick payment and asking if my Playstation will play PAL formatted games, aka: those from the UK. A quick check of my user manual indicated a firm, resolute “No." Carp! So unless I can obtain some sort of modification to my console I get all the thrill of owning such a unique item without the hassle and stress of having to play it. All for a paltry GBP 19.99.

And now tonite's score for the big game:
Pepsi: One
Coca Cola: Zero

Weekend was awesome; very active. Went book shopping with Lindsay & Tick Sunday morning and finally found vol. 1 of Nightmares & Dreamscapes on audio cassette. I found vols. 2 & 3 within months of each other a couple years ago both at the same bookstore so I vowed to wait until I found No. 1 there as well. Now the set is complete and I can continue not listening to them.

I also finally bought my own copy of Tim Burton's The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy. I've been holding off on this for something like five years because I was satisfied having read it once or twice before giving it to Tick as a birthday gift. But I kept seeing it at the used bookstore and it always reminded me of how much I like Tim Burton's work. I eventually decided it was worth half-price and nabbed it. Unfortunately, the one thing his copy has that mine doesn't is “The Lamentable Demise of Tick-boy," an original illustrated poem I included because there were about four blank pages at the end of the book just dying for a closing piece. Whenever I'm over to his place I just have to take it down and flip through. I love when a project is a complete success. -- I may have to borrow it tho', as I can't find my own copy of the poem and would rather like to have one for my records. It's something I'm proud enough of that I would include on my website, as long as it's ok with Tick.

Third item: Skydiving Extreme for the PS1 for two bucks. I like the concept and title but only played three minutes of it before deciding it was too complex to play without reading the instructions. I selected the “Tutorial" level but lost immediately. It seemed to encourage button mashing but I couldn't figure out what the hell was going on. Call me crazy, but “tutorial level" suggests to me that there would be some sort of in-game instructions on getting started and how to play; which buttons do what and that sort of thing. Not so! With no directions or coaching whatsoever I'm hurled out of a plane at several thousand feet and expected to fall in skillful formation with three other computer-controlled characters who obviously have staked their reputations as poorly rendered polygonic skydiving people on me somehow knowing what the hell I'm doing. I'll RTFM some other day.

Lindsay found her book at the mall so we returned to town for Amptguard; Medieval combat games sponsored by Nerf™. This was my first time playing so I pestered people until someone gave me a quick run-down on the rules. The game was to be Capture the Flag and I was recruited by the Red team. We split off and we gathered at our base to plan the first move. It was exciting! I didn't know what to expect. When our first party went out I stayed back, gripping my broadsword-shaped foam-wrapped broomstick tightly as I stood lookout. I sounded the alarm when the first attack from the Blue came and we successfully fended them off. More attacks came and went by both sides but I was hooked long before Blue reigned victorious. I swear, if I ever find the group that made my sword I'm getting some more.

This just in, I found it! However I don't recall the sword I purchased being so expensive.

Since it was eighty degrees and we were running around in the woods for an hour before the first game was done the vote to go swimming at Lake Ripley won out over playing another game. We reconvened there to cool off and get slimy with algae and generally have a good time. A splendid time was had by all.

That evening I was invited to Monica's with Lindsay, Tick, Caleb and the infamous Sean, who seemed like a pretty cool guy. I attempted to play Mario Kart against two pros and just watched as the boys played one of the dumbest things ever to come out of Nintendo. Luckily, Apples to Apples was there to bring everyone together again until Mario Party made me stay until after one o'clock in the morning. It was fun tho', and her apartment was a lot cooler than my house.

Speaking of after one o'clock in the morning, linear narrative is faltering... along with spelling. And I have that early morning to attend to as well.

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