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Doctored indents

NEWS FLASH: Heat wave breaks! Cool weather returns. Film at eleven.

Just got back from a follow-up visit with my doctor to a regular check-up last month. He's pleased with my health and upped my dose of St. John's Wort to help keep my spirits up. We also spoke of getting my knee fixed before my trip to Japan this September. This will require some phone ping-pong since I have to contact the orthopedic surgeon again to inquire of recovery time and needs, then call HR at work to see if I can take FMLA time since I can't use my vacation days, then call the clinic again to make an appointment. I should do that this week but as it's pushing noon, now is not a good time to start. When I have to wait for a call-back from anyone during weekdays I tell them it must be before one-thirty, otherwise they won't reach me. What usually happens is they don't call, I go to work and come home at night to a message on my machine telling me little more than "this is so-and-so returning your call."

Before this entry I took a few minutes to look up how to indent using HTML and there surprisingly aren't any solid solutions. At least, none that I could find in the few minutes that I looked. Hitting the carriage return twice after each paragraph is easy enough but it isn't proper formatting and it would look so much better if I could indent paragraphs. There must be a solution out there. I doubt everyone that does it uses &.nbsp several times. They did it somehow on my own web page even tho' I can't find it in the code. I'll figure it out. I'd better if I want to create a web page myself.

My furnace was recalled, did I mention that? I only got the notice about four or five months ago. After some more ping-pong to find someone nearby who will service it I finally got an appointment for tomorrow morning at eight. While the rep is here I'll ask about my central air since that hasn't been working yet this season. Hopefully it's something as simple being unplugged but I unfortunately don't know enough about the unit to tell. I use it for a month out of the year and that's it. This week is a reprise from the heat and hopefully I can stop putting bottles of ice in the aquarium for a while.

Ohhh, that breeze is so nice.

- J I M O U T -

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