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New radio, same father and a stinky flower

It's not surprising that I don't know how to start, but it's also not surprising that I'll probably figure out as I go.

As I begin, there is a break in the music on WERN during their Saturday night jazz programme*. I'm listening to the radio here in my computer room instead of streaming audio or selections from my ample music hoard already on Elvira's drives. It's soothing, relaxing and a perfect match for the mood and atmosphere of the evening. Surprisingly, I have very few tracks like this in my own collection and I don't know why. I'd leave a note for myself regarding this, but I'm already settled in and for the moment have no need to search for more.

The radio itself is a new addition to the room, along with the bookcase which I may touch upon later. -- Then again, maybe not. It's too early to tell for the moment. -- I've seen it at Best Buy a number of times next to the quaintly styled yet poorly built "antique" turntable. What caught my eye was the Curtis brand "classic style" AM/FM radio. It appears to be from the mid to late 60's; a short and squat brick with wood grain and silver accents. There are three knobs spaced evenly on the right side with a same-sized analogue tuning dial that shows the current station frequency and glows a very pleasant shade of blue when turned on. A speaker is embedded in the left side covered with a fine wire mesh and takes up about as much space as the four dials on the right. The details all come together in a visually pleasing and sturdy looking piece of electronics. The website photo doesn't do it justice.

The sound is very crisp and clear despite that it's mono. -- It must be since there is only the one speaker. -- I'm quite pleased and glad I didn't hesitate any longer in purchasing it. I've wanted a radio in here for quite some time now since I listen to Love Line now and then after work and once I'm on the computer it's difficult to hear from the other room. There's also the large quantity of classical music WERN plays throughout the day and night that often seems more appropriate than whatever I'm searching for in my own collection. I have a couple clock radios that took turns in here briefly but they have taken up permanent residence in other rooms of my home. I believe this will do nicely.

Along with the new radio, earlier today I took my father shopping for an MP3/CD player for my Father's Day gift. During our visit to Grandma's last week I finally told him of my intended gift after he showed little interest or need for such a player. It was necessary because I had already purchased and received several CDRs worth of old time radio programmes. I took him shopping so we could go over the features together and select one that would work best for his needs and visual handicaps. Now I get to play with it for a week before I give it to him so I can teach him how it works.

Dad also picked out some portable speakers and I was happy to oblige. However, I decided to return Wario Ware: Twisted to the shelf to retain some sort of budget.

Another item of need on the shopping list was crabmoon's birthday gift which unfortunately is more difficult to obtain than even I had at first been imagining. I wanted to have it ready before her cruise to parts far and away but it has become apparent that this is not to be, and I will have to fall to plan 'B', which should be enough distraction to buy time until the item arrives after the cruise.

Dad was kind enough to buy me lunch at Noodles, even though he's not a big fan of noodle-type meals. Luckily, they have the mixed grill dish which he seemed to enjoy, and I, my penne rosa. A note for the future: Izzy brand Sparkling Clementine does not do well to wash down a spicy dish.

We made good time and by the time I dropped him off I had enough to call upon matt_william and take him up on his invitation to a movie this afternoon. As luck would have it, he was still in and might not have gone at all had I not come by. We saw High Tension, a French horror/thriller that I had not surprisingly never heard of. This normally isn't my type of film but I don't mind seeing them on occasion as a change of pace. There was little story or character development and the bulk of the film was essentially one suspenseful scene after another as the female protagonist attempted to thwart a casual and relentless killer and rescue her friend from the chains in the back of his van. The movie was pretty straightforward until the last 20 minutes when the only actual (and fairly weak) twist came into play where the killer was revealed to be the protagonist herself. This finally explained the strangely illogical scenes earlier where she was shown hiding from him as he slowly killed each of her friend's family members rather than attempting to stop him. But when the credits finally rolled there was one mystery that remained: where did she get that grotesque truck? Unfortunately, an extensive Google image search does not yield any photos so you'll have to picture for yourself this final and gruesome enigma.

I mentioned the bookcase earlier. I've had it for a week or two tripping me up from the half-opened box in the hallway. The rest of the missing hardware finally arrived so I cleared out some space Thursday night after work and bill-paying to assemble it. These things are getting ridiculously easy to put together and my faith in their stability wains with each one. It looks nice tho', and matches the other two which may or may not be made by the same company. All of my DVDs fit onto three shelves, two thirds of which are anime. This removes a significant amount of clutter from that half of the room, leaving me with a better idea of how I'd like to organize what's left. I may work on this tomorrow. Then again, I may not. Flip a coin.

As long as I'm writing things out of order, Friday night I had the pleasure of seeing the titan arum "Big Bucky" up close and personal. I called Dad that morning to discuss plans for the weekend and he mentioned a desire to see the so-called "corpse flower" that has been attracting so much attention to the UW botany greenhouse at Birge hall the past few years. He mentioned it was about to bloom and we decided to make it part of our day. At work I browsed the paper in the break area for the article he referred to and found they were open until midnite. I decided that if I could find someone to accompany me I would go check it out that night. Tick & Lindsay were unavailable with a disconnected phone and sacredspud was already in the midst of world conquest other plans. Caleb however, had no such hindrance and by eleven o'clock we had found directions and were on our way.

Having spent considerable time on campus years ago he was already familiar with the terrain and directed us to the greenhouse with considerable ease, a task which I soon realized would have been quite difficult for myself alone.

While searching for an entrance to the greenhouse proper I saw it through the foggy glass and briefly marveled at the odd bulk of the thing before we cut around through the grass to the main doorway. The titan arum or, Amorphophallus Titanum or, "Big Bucky" stood over eight feet, towering over the huge clay flowerpot in which it was embedded. The bottom portion was much like a giant cabbage (spathe) with it's leaves drawn up around a narrow purple spire (spadix). As I drew nearer I detected a slight scent similar to warm garbage, but nothing like the malodorous spectacle that earned its nickname. To our dismay we discovered that the actual bloom was Thursday afternoon and that the show was nearly over. We still stayed until midnite to examine the three titan arums on display and read the informative placards. Since there were still people there by the time they were supposed to close, the botanists gave us a little treat and let us watch as they cut a small hole into the side of the spathe to examine the parts that didn't get fertilized this time around. It was a neat peek and they let us pass around the heavy chunk they cut out before reinserting it into the hole.

We stopped by Greenbush for donuts on the way home and visited late into the night. I'm certain many of us have had a get-together last so long that you finally end up just looking at random crap on the computer, which is exactly what we did. He showed me many Gundam, we looked up and loaded down Metroid music and watched many an AMV before he finally left and I collapsed.

Earlier, upon returning home from the greenhouse we found some items left in my storm door: two DVDs and a note. Lindsay had apparently stopped by looking for me, waited for an hour expecting us to return sooner than later, and left. What I found was my copy of Memories and the DVD release of Pendragon's adaptation of H.G. Welles' War of the Worlds. I was shocked. I was floored. All this time I was expecting a full theatrical release, if not here then definitely in the U.K. Here, Tick just picked it up at Wal-Mart (despite the June 14th release date listed at Amazon.com.) I'm a little disappointed to find that it isn't presently in theaters, but I'm excited to find it finally available and anxiously await the next best three hours I have to watch this.

Sunday is out, at least for now. Lindsay & Tick will be by in the morning to do some book shopping together before Amtgard and then gad knows what. I suppose I could be doing chores but it's hard to turn away friends, and it's always more fun.

This is the last paragraph of my entry for the night where I wrap things up, wind things down or make some random observation to indicate that I'm done.

J I M O U T -

*Yes, I am now adopting the British spelling of the word "programme."

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