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Evil Jim

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03:30 am: But he always acts sleepy. . .
Caleb just left, thereby foiling my plans of getting him to stay the night. He looked really sleepy too. Granted, he usually has a sleepy demeanor – much like Joel Hodgeson – but I was worried about him driving in such a state and suggested a number of times he crash here. But after some conversation and a quick trip to the Internet Movie Database regarding the late evening's (early morning's?) movie he seemed well enough to to travel on his own and I bid him a safe trip.

He was understandably bushed having spent the day on the road to, from and at Six Flags Great America with Monica and Tick. I wish I could have joined them but I'm pretty much relegated to weekends for things like that. I spent the day doing the same-old and trying to keep my head above water emotionally. When I got home I called Lindsay to chat and see what was going on and we decided that if the rest of the gang got back to town in time we'd all get together. As luck would have it they did and I was finally able to treat Caleb to the wonderful slice that my childhood never saw, The Wizard of Speed and Time. He quite enjoyed it, despite sleeping from the camera case chase seen to the president's address. I'll have a copy for his very own soon.

I've had company over every night this week which is great because I've had crappy days at work every day this week. Just can't seem to keep from rethinking my best course of action through certain events and wishing I could go back and follow through. I need less free time in my mind at work. My job this week has been pretty slow despite the available overtime.

The company (not work, you foolish mortals) however, has helped considerably, despite preventing me from a couple tasks that I'd planned for this week. The missing parts arrived for my newly purchased bookcase so I can assemble and move that any time. It would be nice to fit a couple into my computer room but I'm doing one at a time for now. That will free up floor space from my DVD collection and allow more books to find homes outside their moving boxes. Yay potential progress!

...Mmm. Multitasking. Conversing with the SWE in the other window. We're saying goodnite but I'd better get to bed soon or I'll just sleep 'till eleven again and not get anything done until work. If I'm not so sluggish, maybe I can get that bookcase up in the morning.

J I M O U T -

P.S. This damn heat wave can stop any minute now. I would like to wake up NOT bathed in sweat for a change.

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Date:June 9th, 2005 12:14 pm (UTC)


I can't come over tonight though, I'm seeing my parents for dinner and then my sister's coming over to sign up for cruise stuff, that may take a while and I'll probably be two pionts away from pissed afterwards.
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Date:June 9th, 2005 09:04 pm (UTC)

Re: mom

Two points away from pissed? eep. Feel free to call if it will help you feel better. I'm finally gonna try to assemble that bookcase tonight so I won't be leaving. Know anyone that would like to help?
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