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Post Grandma's B-Day

I returned home from Grandma's a few hours ago having had a delightful visit with her and family. Thunderstorms plagued the trip up late Saturday night and kept me alert and tense for two hours straight. Dad and I listened to Mindwebs all the way up and the frequent lightning only did to punctuate the stories of speculative fiction. I later tried to convince him of the benefits of having an MP3 disc player but when he continued disinterest I finally revealed my Father's Day gift plans of said player and several discs of old time radio programs. After the drive through several torrential downpours and some requisite winding-down time I collapsed into bed and played Castlevania until I couldn't keep my eyes open.

I haven't invested this much time into a single video game in a long, long time. By the time we left Grandma's I had somewhere around 12 hours clocked in just a week or two. The game is actually pretty tedious with miles of backtracking through areas I've already explored several times just to get to certain areas that weren't accessible before certain items were acquired. It's pretty boring at times which is why I don't understand why it's so addictive. Still, it was better than being glued to a book all weekend because I was still able to visit with people.

Everything went well at Grandma's. She's still fit and strong and able to cook and take care of most of her household chores on her own. I hope I can get around that well when I'm her age. (20X6!!) We had a few long chats which is always pleasant and satisfying. I was almost too late when I was finally matured enough to appreciate my other grandparents before they passed away and now Grandma Rose is all I have left. She's wonderful, kind, sweet and generous. I wish there was more I could have done for her birthday, but she already has everything she needs and doesn't have a lot of hobbies outside of the crossword puzzle and her flower boxes. I gave her a hanging basket of the prettiest flowers I could find and everyone seemed to like them.

I'm afraid I'm a little tired tonite and not very linear in thought. I'm also not balancing my paragraphs properly.

I got restless in the afternoon so I went for a drive to see what was doing with the construction work in the area and ended up at K-Mart looking at their video games. Finding nothing there I went to the 99 cent store and bought a few cheap things. I wanted to shop for an entire meal but it soon turned six and they kicked me out. It stormed again while I was there, a big booming downpour that frosted the windows with splattered rain and instantly soaked anyone fortunate enough to be caught outside at the right moment. This was also one of those thunderstorms that, as hard and heavy as they are, still occur during full, unbroken sunlight. Weird, eerie, wet.

The drive home was easy enough, despite my semi-weariness. The sunset was so beautiful and the thick stack of clouds reflecting its colours across form it were so radiant that I didn't know which to look at. Suddenly, I decided I should watch the road since I was still driving.

Made more progress in my tub/shower cleaning endeavours. Just some touch-ups left and then I can do the counters, fixtures and floor which will be much easier. Between scrubbing and soaking I made it through a few more rounds of War of Monsters and showed some improvement. I could probably wail on a newbie now but the CPU offers a better challenge.

Continuing on random thoughts, Thea wants to give me some of her fish since she's tearing down her freshwater tank. I said I'd take them but I don't know how well they'll do here since my house gets so warm during the day that it may not be healthy. I might ask her to delay a bit until I can find out how to keep them cool. Keeping the central air on would work but that adds $100 to my monthly electricity bill during the summer. Carp. I'm not even interested in keeping fish right now anyway.

Made MP3s of the first three discs of the Eva S2 series tonite. I'm happy to have all this music but a disadvantage of using iTunes is that all the songs in the library are updated to the iPod whenever it's connected and refreshed, unless they're deselected in the main list, in which case you can't play them from iTunes. My iPod is nearly full so I'll just have to default to Winamp for some of my music.

Fading fast. Won't make 1,000 tonite. Must rest.

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