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My Gramma is older than your Gramma

I'll be clocking in at work two hours from now and I'm almost ready for the weekend ahead so I guess I can spare some time for a quick entry. Except that it's so hot in here. Lemme open the vent.

There, much better. I finally broke down a few minutes ago and turned on my central air conditioning. I generally only use it when the heat and/or humidity is unbearable but it's still good to use it now and then during the off-season to make certain it's functioning properly. Household temperature was close to eighty the last time I checked so it's appropriate for now. It should be comfortable by the time I leave and I'll turn it off then.

I've been running around the house doing minor chores this morning. I'm not scatterbrained today but the way I'm working certainly indicates it since I'm doing something different every five minutes. I'll scrub away at the soap scum in the bathtub for a little bit, then fold some laundry while the chemicals soak in, then check my messages and move a few things around on my way back across the house. Not very efficient but it keeps me busy. At least it's more productive than the hour or so I spent playing War of the Monsters around lunchtime. I found it used at Blockbuster Video last night and cheaper for what Gamespot wanted and grabbed it. There's no booklet but I found what I needed to know and more online. Still, I'm still a stickler for completeness and would like the original instruction manual if I can get it. Matt, any suggestions?

Weekend overtime was available at work this morning and before the shift ended Friday I decided that if no one contacted me that night I'd get up early and go in. Guess what, crabmoon &the_tick27 called about five minutes before I would have broke down and called them. She wanted to watch more Red Dwarf and start Series VIII but I talked them into going out for food first.

I took us to Ian's Pizza for some truly delicious and original slices. I had one macaroni and cheese and one feta, guacamole, tomato and other goodies. Tick indulged in one with what they advertised to be portabella mushrooms but after listening to him talk about how the windows kept "moving" we decided that they must be of another sort.

After State Street and Blockbuster we made it home and still had enough energy to watch the first three episodes of VIII, Back in the Red. Only five more episodes left and then we will have seen them all. We should ration these out a bit better so they last longer.

I still have some packing to do as well as my usual run around the house like a nutball for fear of forgetting anything I may need for the next day. After work I'm coming back to town to get Dad and then off to up north where Grandma awaits. I'll try not to awaken the entire household when we arrive. As sweaty as I am now I'll definitely need a shower then. Hey! Where's my cold soda?!

- J I M O U T -

Additional: We were supposed to be returning home from Japan today. Crap.

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