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Alllllrighty! It's three AM and I'm actually going to be asleep before five today! Do you know why? Because as soon as the current song in my playlist is done I'm signing out and off and heading to the big soft rectangle thingy in the other room.

Points of note tonite be my new icon. Behold (and fear) Rrrro from Megatokyo's Grand Theft Colo in all his glory, drawn for me personally by Fred Gallagher himself at Acen 2005. His new pens scan much nicer than his pencil drawings so now I am able to use an original.

Busy weekend coming up with scheduled overtime and Grandma's 83rd birthday. I still need to setup the auto feeder and light timer on the aquarium so the fish don't have to fast for a full day.

Whup, links took too long. Exactly one minute left to go on the song. Time to fill out the rest of the details and go play Castlevania hit the sack.

- J I M O U T -

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