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I'm not really sure what's going into this one but I'll start here and perhaps something will come out.

I spent some time late last nite refamiliarizing myself with 1st Page HTML editor and reading up on EZHTML.com. I made a quick and dirty message page that looks decent and gives me something to be proud of for a little bit before I'm confronted with the colossal wealth of information I do not yet comprehend. Already I've discovered I have no idea how to properly indent paragraphs and creating frames is utter gibberish. But I'll keep at it. I promised myself I'd work at it this year and indeed I will. Hopefully matt_william can give me some pointers since he's farther ahead. And of course I have the lovely and talented tlhinganhom to turn to so I really have no excuse to stop if I get stuck.

Silly break. EQUALIZORRED!!

Did a little tidying tonite while looking for my Trigun key chain fobs. I didn't find them but some things managed to get put away that otherwise would have remained as clutter. I kept seeing the rubbery things all over the dealer's room at Acen and I kept wishing I had them along. It was difficult at times not to buy new ones but I knew I could just dig them out once I got home. Unfortunately they are not to be found. It's been several months since I've seen the last of them and I probably did something silly like put them in a place where they wouldn't get lost. I hope I didn't do something really silly and put them away in one of the boxes in the back room with all the other boxes that haven't been unpacked. When I go in there these days it looks more and more like something I may have seen in fragments of a half-remembered dream sometime ages ago. Seriously, it does.

There are times I go in there and feel cleaning the place up and out isn't such a daunting task, and others where I'm overwhelmed by all the potential work that confronts me there and laughs and laughs at me until I slam the door and run away someplace where I cower and sob. My neighbor Kathy mentioned a big flea market or garage sale or something coming up and invited me to find things she can take and sell for me there. This would be an incentive if I didn't already know that I keep forgetting about the cards Easter Seals leaves on my door inviting me to leave donations out for them to pick up. Ugh, work. I need to sort my life out in more ways than one.

Caleb forcibly loaned me Metroid for the SNES Monday evening so I should try that out before I see him next. This requires me to dig out my old SNES and try to figure out how to connect it to the television, something I haven't done in over five years. I trust myself to have packed it away neatly so it shouldn't be too difficult sorting out the proper cords and such. It's a good thing some of the aforementioned tidying was done in the living room where much of this will be sprawled out. The SWE is gone for the night so I don't need to accompany Elvira as she crunches numbers for SETI. I'll take in some retro-gaming before retiring myself.

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