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Memorial Day: Remember the Elves Palace!

I've seen so many friends this past week it's hard to keep track of them all. There have been perhaps one or two days where I didn't have company which were possibly the only nights where I was actually productive. I remember spending most of Thursday eve paying bills while watching Strong Bad's emails with Tick, Tuesday Caleb dropped by and introduced me to Michel Gondry, Friday it was Lindsay, Tick and Ahnika. Lemme try to sort out where my weekend went.

Friday the three of us went out to Country Kitchen and had some fun. Ahnika couldn't get back to town so she stayed over with me and I dropped her off Saturday morning on the way to meet Lindsay and Tick again at the Elves Palace for their second to last day ever. I bought a box worth of incredibly discounted stuff and shed a silent tear for the loss of the town's most interesting and unique business.

From there Tick and I went to the city to do some shopping. Both of us forgot our lists but I managed to remember everything I needed including a 6 ft. bookcase, CD rack and aforementioned Michel Gondry DVD. At the mall we bothered Caleb at work and bought matching Hawaiian shirts. There was Noodles, there was treasure hunting at the used bookstore and other ways to spend the money I should be saving for my next credit card payment.

Later, at home and alone I re watched the videos that got me interested in Michel Gondry, Washed the dishes and set about cooking potatoes and corn in the middle of the night. Now let me tell you about my potatoes. I keep buying vegetables whenever I have a recipe I want to try and then not bothering to do any cooking that week, or the next... Eventually they get moldy and soft and I have to throw them out (Usually into my flower box because after all, they are organic.) After shopping Friday I discovered a 5 lb. bag of potatoes in my kitchen whose date of purchase I had forgotten long ago. They were somewhat soft and their skins had begun to resemble raisins. With some examination I found them still edible and entered upon preparing to monster mash them. A quick call to Mom confirmed the procedure and I was on my way.

Friday also found a sale on cobbed corn at 10 beefy ears for a mere $2 so Saturday night I filled the grocery bag with their husks while waiting for water to boil and in good time had simultaneously cooked enough corn and mashed potatoes to feed all the friends I visited throughout the weekend. -- I didn't feed them, but I certainly had enough. -- Caleb was tired and on his way home for the night, no one else I could think of to call was available so I set down for a hearty meal by myself before retiring with Elvira.

The only set plans for Sunday were to wake up and attend lunch with my folks and a couple of their friends. Monica awoke me an hour after I had planned on showing up and I unfortunately had to cut it short and rush to get out. matt_william called a few minutes later to see what I was doing that afternoon and we made some quick plans to visit once my family gathering was finished.

I showed up not long after Jackie and Larry. We talked a lot, grilled brats and burgers were delicious and so was the desert Dad brought home from his funeral. Oh, I didn't mention his funeral on Saturday. A close friend and fellow member of the motorcycle club of my father died several years ago. He had the traditional open-casket service at the funeral home for family and the club held a traditional Viking funeral out at the pond where many a biker party had been held in years past. (Yes, this man has had several funerals.) It came up that having been in the Navy during the Vietnam conflict, he had never had proper military services so plans were made to hold it on Memorial Day weekend. Being a close friend, my father made all the arrangements and being in the American Legion Honor Guard, was able to reserve the local VFW banquet hall for the gathering. Being in charge of the event, they listed the funeral service on the calendar there under his name. For the week previous, friends of my family were asking Mom what happened to Dad and if he was alright. He is, and a bit jollier now with the story.

The men of the group made a brief road trip to drop off a pan at the VFW and make a stop at the Elves Palace to show Larry what it was all about. We each bought something and I said a final goodbye to Andrew and Sarah, not as friends, but as proprietors of the finest store in town.

I excused myself from the gathering shortly after the errands and picked up Matt on the way back to my place. The plan was to assemble and move the new bookcase into the computer room but we found that none of the requisite bolts or nails were included with the kit so that project had to be abandoned. While trying to figure out what to do Colin called and we invited him over wherein I subjected them to Michel Gondry (the second time for Matt.) We talked a lot about video games and movies where each of them showed their extensive knowledge of their respective fields of expertise, then I suggested food. Noodles. Good. Then ice cream. More good. Psychos in Love didn't work on my PS2 so we resorted to the Internet where we spent the next couple hours watching iFilms and clips from Splu Urtaf. At one point, both of them agreed they should leave "pretty soon"... before partaking in another hour of nonsense drivel with crack, salad and music. Thank you, Internet!

I overslept again this morning (Monday) but still managed to get in a few chores. I mowed the lawn, showered, dozed in front of the deleted scenes from Red Dwarf VI and changed the aquarium water. Since I didn't see myself doing anything more productive I returned Monica's call from the day before to find her busy helping pack up stuff at the Palace with concerns that she wouldn't be back to her place in time for the gathering with friends. I called Lindsay who had planned it and agreed to meet her at Monica's to greet anyone that might show before she did. I ended up being fourth there but people kept showing up over the next couple hours and eventually had a full house consisting of crabmoon, renny1780, sacredspud, Monica, Caleb, Ahnika, her man, and myself. We went to the park where we climbed trees, played on the swings, threw grass and pea gravel at each other, and some kids called me a "mama's boy" so I made them sick on the merry-go-round. Ahnika suggested food. I suggested Noodles. Road trip. Good. My third day in a row. We returned to meet Tick and play Apples to Apples for a couple hours where I won all of two cards. Video games were brought out, a movie was begun at midnite and after an hour of not watching it I decided it was time for me to go and prepare for my re entrance into workaday drudgery.

A lengthy and unnecessarily extensive journal entry was written and here we are. I keep thinking about writing up Acen but so much happened then that it's a bit overwhelming. Add to the fact that it was two weeks ago and growing with other things happening during the meanwhilst that I'm also attempting to chronicle and the task becomes a bit greater. I may still go into more detail but as it's past three in the am here I'm better off thinking more about bedtime, especially if I want to wake up before noon this time.

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