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Evil Jim

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05:25 pm: Hometown Jet-lag
I've worked longer hours than usual and survived. I've been ill and survived. My cold is rapidly on the retreat (surprisingly enough) so thank you to all who wished me well, it worked! However, it will probably be until tomorrow nite before my sleep-schedule is back on track so this one will be short.

If the opportunity arises again to put in 12 hours on a weekend at work I will try to take it. That was the easiest $275 I ever made, excepting that time Grandma was drunk on my birthday. Not that I get paid much, it was the hours plus double-time for Sunday, something the regular 12-hour guys don't get. It really didn't seem like that long, and it was weird seeing the day shift guys come in again when I'd just seen them leave what felt like only a few hours before. It's left me with a sort of time-lag, tho'. When I clocked in it felt like it usually does when I put in overtime on the weekend in the early morning. When I left it was still dark and to me, could have been anytime in the middle of the night. Now I don't know what the hell time it is, let alone what it should feel like. Where are you? Who am I!? What am I doing in this box?

Helped Mom with cookies this afternoon(?) She makes the dough and cuts them out, I decorate with sugar. Being a little brain-dead, I wasn't too creative this year, but they still look pretty. While working, I actually got her to watch Haibane-Renmei with me. She's been pretty close-minded about anime for some reason, even tho' she's never watched any up until now. I think she liked this one; as we were watching it went from "sortof interesting" to "pretty good," and when the DVD was over she asked if there was more. I'll bring the next volume over sometime and we can watch together again. Maybe I can get her into Witch Hunter Robin too.

Since my brain is pretty much on standby mode, I'll have to skip the Xmas Fakt™ today because that would require thinking distilling the information from my book. However, I will include a random one about leotards because it's short. A real Christmas one will come on Monday, I promise. Actually, I don't promise but hold your breath anyway.

1800s, France "Similar to the centuries-old tight-fitting hose worn by men throughout Europe, leotards were named for the nineteenth-century French trapeze artist Jules Léotard. In the clinging costume that became his trademark, Léotard astonished audiences with his aerial somersault, as well as his risqué outfit. He enjoyed a large female following. And he advised men that if they also wished 'to be adored by the ladies,' they should 'put on a more natural garb, which does not hide your best features.' "*

(* Today's entry contains excerpts from the book Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things by Charles Panati)

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Date:December 21st, 2003 07:09 pm (UTC)
leotards are evil. I hated them when I was in dance class. How does one plié w/o a wedgie? HOW???
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Date:December 21st, 2003 07:23 pm (UTC)
Hmm. I'm sorry but I couldn't find anything in my book about that. I'd suggest wearing boxers next time.
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