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Still not the usual long entry, but getting there

This is basically a placeholder for another day. My next two official entries will probably be about Star Wars and Acen '05 but I really should get to sleep at a reasonable hour this time so I can do more tomorrow before work than dink around on the internet and eat an unhealthy lunch. I really should since today was payday and I haven't done anything about the bills other than stack them in their pile.

Yeah, um. Thursday evenings I usually take time to fill out my deposit slip and pay bills but Tick and crabmoon (blame me for showing her how to create an account) stopped by to share a couple more episodes of Red Dwarf VII. She couldn't wait for the official DVD release -- we've been watching them at my place up through season VI -- so he found them online somewhere. I vaguely remember what we've seen so far which probably means I've seen some if not most of VII on PBS a-way back when and blocked most of them out because I didn't (and still haven't (at least, not yet)) accept the new Kochanski (I miss you Claire!!!)

Smeg! It's after 2:30. Wasted too much time finding the darn links. I promise I'll only take just enough time to check a couple more updates. Seriously, just a couple more. I promise. And then go straight to bed. 10 minutes, tops. See you there.

- J I M O U T -

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