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Maybe... ?

Maybe I'm getting better. I dont' know yet but right now I feel better than I have for the past three days. Don't get me wrong, this morning I woke up feeling like the floor of a taxi cab and spent the better part of the day with a head full of slush. It's only been the last hour or so that I actually feel good. Well, almost. I say "almost" because this has happened before. It may be due to taking medication all day and that it was relatively stressless, as well as the fact that I usually bounce back by now and feel energetic at this time of night. Tomorrow I may wake up smacked against Death's bumper again and have to go through it all once more. Even so, I should at least feel well enough by the time I have to start (resists shudder) work tomorrow nite. Wish me luck. If I don't make another post by this time Sunday night... wait some more.

I feel good about today. I got done what needed to be got done, even tho' it wasn't much or very complicated. I'm rater proud of the fact that I got all the groceries on my list and they cost about $20 less than I planned for due to some last minute careful planning. This left me enough to buy a lottery ticket. With more than a hundred mil in the jackpot, I wouldn't want to miss a chance, however slim.

Spent some time writing letters by hand tonite. The old fashioned way of saying you mean enough to me to kill a tree and make you wait a week. I've received a few cards and letters from people I don't see or talk to often so I answered them. One I didn't answer was a card from Matt for which there has been no end to my delight. He also incluced a photo of his mom's ceramic Christmas village collection. Out in the street appears to be the ghosts of Xmas Future, Present and possibly Scrooge in a rare emotional display. I can see why, for, towering above them are an AT-AT and AT-ST. Thanks, Matt!

Speaking of "Xmas," What's the "X" for anyway? Today's Actual Fact™ will learn you good.

"The familiar abbreviation for Christmas originated with the Greeks. X is the first letter of the Greek word for Christ, Xristos. (That's a cool name. Xristos.) By the sixteenth century, "Xmas" was popular throughoug Europe. Whereas early Christians had understood that the term merely was Greek for "Christ's mass," later Christians, unfamiliar with the Greek reference, mistook the X as a sign of disrespect, an attempt by heathen to rid Christmas of its central meaning. (Hmm... not unlike how Natalis Solis Invicti was robbed of it's meaning?) For several hundred years, Christians disapproved of the use fo the term. Some still do."*

Due to my wonky schedule over the weekend, I don't know when the next entry will be. Be assured, however, that I will return unless I don't.

(* Today's entry contains excripts from the book Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Thingsby Charles Panati, pg. 71)

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