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Random acts of kindness

I'm taking a brief break from packing for Acen for an update, and to do something on the computer besides obsessively check for messages. I've already bothered most of my friends this week that are available for a time in the evenings so as a courtesy, I'm stuck alone for a while.

I've been getting a little better at sleeping and waking earlier, mainly because I have stuff to do in the mornings. Today I got some mowing in and a start on my packing but after Thea stopped by to pick up the aquarium hood I was so scatterbrained that I completely forgot my bankbook, thus making half of my errands in town impossible. Just the brief visit made me immediately depressed and it was difficult to collect myself after that. Another reason why I need the space.

Anyway, I expected to be down for the entire day after that and I forlornly did as much as I could at home before heading off to work early to collect lunch on the way. I wen to Taco Bell and the drive-up speaker voice asked, "Hi, how are you today?" This caught me off guard, one, because I could understand him clearly the first time he spoke and two, it was a simple, friendly greeting rather than "Hi, would you like to try our amazing new way of combining our five ingredients?" Surprised as I was I could only answer honestly, "Uh, not too good today... But I could use some food." I took a moment to try to remember what it was I was going to order when he replied, "Well we can help you with that and hopefully the second one will rectify the first." I gave my order. He confirmed it and said, "It's on us today. Please pull ahead to the second window."

Bewildered, I moved forward. The cashier at the first window waved me through and at the second window the fellow on speaker-duty handed me my order asking how I was, whups, for the second time. I had to admit, I did feel a little better after that. I told him so and thanked him graciously before moving on with my free food. I was deeply touched by this. Never have I experienced such service at a common fast food establishment. For the rest of the day, when I started feeling down again that event would pop back into my head, bewildering me once more and distracting me from my moods. It was hardly five dollars worth of food but the gesture's value is immeasurable.

I'd better get back to packing. There's not much left but I won't be satisfied until I've checked it obsessively up to the minute we leave. I still haven't seen hiney nor hair of the SWE and if this continues I will have to write another worried letter. I'll leave the volume up in here for any messages and perhaps do some sewing on my patch jacket and relax while listening to Mindwebs -- which reminds me. Before I listen to too many more I'm going to start writing brief plot summaries as episode guides. Anyway, I was about to say:

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. Elevator safety tips. Enough Said.

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