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Acen underplanning

I'm writing this time more out of an impulse to have something new up rather than possessing any news worth posting. It helps at times to do this just to sort things out in my head. Having written them down here will free up available memory to worry about other things.

I'm still shocked that Acen is next week. It took me totally by surprise when I turned the calendar page the other nite and saw "Anime Central 2005" in big red letters across that weekend. I've done nothing so far to prepare so I'd better start now.

  • Top off fluids in the Evilmobevil at Valvoline

  • Find little radio and insert new batteries

  • Get a smegload of AA batteries for the camera

  • Locate and clean out cooler

  • Make trail mix since I won't be wasting time to go to ConSuete as often as I should

  • Purchase a timer for the aquarium light

  • Select appropriate music for the trip

  • Pay all due bills and adjust finances for all the crap I'm going to be tempted to buy

  • And last but ironically most:

I've been trying to write these things down as they came to me today but it was hard enough with the few that I did. My mind just isn't in the right groove yet for this sort of planning. I know I'm missing some somethings that are important but nothing more has presented itself. A minor relief is that this year I'm going to take more on the fly like I did for my first year, which was more fun of the two cons I've attended. Last year I planned too much and tho' I did and saw a lot, I hardly had time to see my friends or just visit with other otaku in general. This time I'll narrow my "schedule" down to one or two must-see events per day and not get let down if I miss anything else.

May is going to be busy for me, especially if matt_wiliam and I make it to Japan. There's that, Acen, Star Wars, The Bill Rebane Film fest, Mother's day and all the time I have to waste at work in-between.

It doesn't helpt that I'm scheduled for Saturday morning overtime this weekend. Normally I wouldn't mind but Lindsay has invited me to a co-worker's birthday party the night before and to make it will require the sacrifice of much sleep. It's just bowling in Janesville but with luck Beth will be there too and I'll actually have a chance to TALK to her this time. She's likely to think I'm just some creepy old weirdo but I'll never know unless I try.

Since I'll be unavailable at home Friday Lindsay & Tick may wish to schedule Wednesday or Thursday night for our usual dosage of Red Dwarf. I promise to get an earlier start next time.

Caleb didn't stop by tonight like he said he would. It was amusing to call around trying to find him; people kept asking if I had his cell phone number. "Yes," I'd reply, "in fact, I have his CELL phone too. He was supposed to come by and get it." I hope he remembers where I live.

I finally requested service for my iPod tonite. I hadn't connected it to Elvira since before my trip to D.C. last October and when I tried again a few weeks ago to upload the Overclocked Remixes it crashed her! Many attempts have failed (I need not describe them here) so now I am left with a shiny paperweight that casts frustration and annoyance by line-of-sight. Apple will be sending a box for me to return it to them. During the meanwhilst, if I want music while I fall asleep NPR on the radio will have to suffice, which only works until four in the AM when a talk program comes on. This last paragraph has been a veiled reminder that I should retire at an earlier hour than those of late.

- J I M O U T -

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