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a brief reprise

I just awoke in one of the most confusing states I've had in a long time. I had to double check the time, date, year, even my name before I could even get this far. It was important that I had a few clocks did not run on AC power because I could be more sure something did not mess up every clock in the house, or perhaps the whole wrong. One of the first thoughts I had upon waking was that I was somehow lucky enough to avoid a case of global identity theft that started with, or was merely inclusive of an e-mail virus. It even seemed plausable that I was in a Matrix-like world where my own reality did not actually exist, which was actually a relief considering how depressed I've been lately. I almost hoped for it, or something similar as I very gradually woke up and began remembering when, where and who I actually was.

I'm still pretty groggy but I'm fairly certain what's going on now, and I'm just glad I have two more hours before I have to wake up and actually start doing stuff for the day.

Update: Ok, three hours and now I have to rush. I suppose losing the time was worth it to hear my snooze alarm and phone go off at exactly the same time.

- J I M O U T -

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