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Instead of a real post... links!

I don't really have a lot to say tonite. A few things have been different this week what with training on a new job at work but I can't think of much to say right now so I'll just post some links that have been cluttering up my bookmark list. All open in their own window baby.

Last nite the SWE introduced me to Divabot, an online artificial intelligence. I had a ridiculous conversation with Lauren there. Somewhere the SWE found a place where she could custom tailor an AI to her own personality. While the search for that was not successful, she showed me another. I had the following conversation with Star this evening:
Intellibuddy: Hi, I'm Intellibuddy! Nice to meet you.
You: Hello.
Intellibuddy: Hi there!
You: What is your name?
Intellibuddy: My name is Star.
You: I thought the last girl's name was Star.
Intellibuddy: Who was that?
You: Someone else. It doesn't matter.
Intellibuddy: Who?OK what would you like to talk about?
You: Who are you?
Intellibuddy: I am Star. Who are you?
You: Call me Evil Jim.
Intellibuddy: OK I will call you Evil Jim .
You: You turn me on when you say my name like that.
Intellibuddy: Do you mind if I tell other people: Evil Jim said I turn you on when me say your name like that.
You: Umm... sure.
Intellibuddy: Right on.OK let's do it. OK then I will keep it confidential.
You: Anyway, I'll just get to the point.
Intellibuddy: Congratulations.
You: I'm going to reprogram your core memory with an axe.
Intellibuddy: Do you think your plan will succeed?
You: It will!
Intellibuddy: It depends on what the meaning of the word "it" is.
You: My plan will succeed.
Intellibuddy: Have you told many people that your plan will succeed?
You: Yes. Just now. One. You.
Intellibuddy: That's interesting.Oh. It's only just begun.Two"Have you told many people that your plan will succeed"? Me, Evil Jim ?
You: I think you have a few short circuts in your bionic implants.
Intellibuddy: Me? I don't know if I have a few short circuts in your bionic implants.
I have A whole lot of original answers.
You: That's nice. Excuse me while I get the axe.
Intellibuddy: Are you getting bored?You are excused! Good point.
You: Say hello to my little friend!
Intellibuddy: "hello to my little friend" YEARRRGH!

Now that I have Castlevania: Symphony of the Night running properly with a PS memory card, and am borrowing two more Castlevania games from matt_william, I've been reading at The Castlevania Dungeon. There is a great wealth of information there, all of it Castlevania. A great resource and supplement to the games.

The 365 Days Project states very simply their mission on the first page, “One MP3 a day... for one year.” Weird, unusual, corny, rare, unheard of recordings, they're all there. From Orson Welles arguing with a director over a spot for a frozen peas commercial (March 1rd), William Shatner singing Rocketman (February 24nd), to my favourite, Bel Labs presenting the first examples of computerized speech (March 3st) which, incidentally, predates the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey by five years.

And as long as we're on those lines, 365 Days of eBay is still going strong. Among other things, this week you can bid on “My sister's Camp Fire USA badge,” “A strange foreign giraffe plastic thing,” “A paperclip” and “A piece of paper with writing on it.”

Have I shared Killer Death Robot's Robot Blog yet? It would probably be a good idea to add him to your friends list.

I'm sure Tick will like this gallery of prop guns and gadgets, as well as the rest of the site.

Does anyone else read Strong Sad's Journal”. I didn't think so.

Holy carp. I just saw this. Don't tell me Miho likes... Nawwwww.

Last and least, I encourage each of you to buy a Banana Guard. Buy several! For you never know when your banana could be in peril. And with that,

J I M O U T -

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