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Kung Fu Hustle and other weekend-thype stuff

Kung Fu Hustle and other weekend-type stuff

matt_william showed up about ten minutes earlier than I expected yesterday morning causing me to delay the journal entry and himself as I had to finish getting ready. As usual we didn't have many definite plans and generally made things up on the fly. We stopped at Pedro's for lunch and enjoyed (oh gads, I'm gonna have to spell this, aren't I?) quesadillas. Normally I prefer a little more than cheese and tortilla in my meals but he recommended the baja BBQ chicken quesadilla appetizer which is a meal in it's own and quite delicious.

We still had plenty of time to spare so we walked over to Video Game X-Change to browse the Playstation and PS2 games, then headed out to Best Buy to pick up a few items I couldn't do without any longer: Red Dwarf seasons V & VI and the Invader Zim box for my DVDs. The 10% off coupon via mail helped reduce guilt. With still half an hour before needing to be at the theater itself we went to Matt's old haunt, Gamespot. They had a buy 2, get the 3rd free sale on their used PS2 games but most of what I wanted to try Matt offered to loan me. The only one I considered purchasing there was actually a bit too pricy for a used game that I've never played and I left it on the shelf, even tho' it was out of print. The next time I go shopping for games I'm definitely dragging Matt along. He was able to provide input on every single title I picked up.

The movie was Kung Fu Hustle. Martial arts films normally don't interest me and I never would have considered seeing this one had Matt not already planned it. I was surprised and delighted. Walking into the theater I had no idea what this film was about. I had no clue whatsoever that this was a comedy so I was more than a little surprised when things started to get goofy. There was plenty of CGI but it only enhanced the scenes where it was used. I want to see this one again, maybe even in the theater. If axe wielding men dancing in time to one another, Kung Fu that makes The Matrix look like Karate Champ, or the mother of all Buddha bitch-slaps are things you'd like to see, Kung Fu Hustle might be right up your alley.

After the movie we headed back to town to generally slob around and play games on his PS2. He showed me the first episode of a series that is much like Azumanga Daioh with male juvenile delinquents and I showed him an online archive of Speedruns and Time Attacks. A very non-productive yet enjoyable day.

At home I was bushed and distracted so I didn't change the aquarium water until Monday and instead played more video games. It wasn't very memorable except that I got to see the SWE for a short while. I stayed up too late once again reminding me that I really need to budget my time better.

Not that I really needed the energy Monday. At work we had a safety meeting. An EIGHT HOUR safety meeting complete with team names, worksheets, slides, videos and an over-caffeinated presenter. It was entertaining for the most part but not very informative if you already have a degree of common sense. I wore my sneakers and brought my own chair which is much more comfortable than what you find in the break area these days. For as long as it was, it was still better than work.

Caleb called me last night (Monday) which was a bit of a surprise but he was with Monica and she gave him my number. He arrived a little while after Lindsay got her Red Dwarf fix in and Tick repaired his shield, and the rest of the time was filled with video games. Lindsay also informed me that Beth isn't interested in going to Devil's Lake with the rest of us this spring which again leaves me to wonder how I'm ever going to meet this person. Anything I can think of would probably just seem creepy. I guess I'll have to fall back to “wait and see.” Oh, and I did manage to change the water and clean the tank without being sloppy.

That brings me up to today but I can't add any more because I have to leave shortly to finish registering my passport. It will be expensive to put a two-week rush on it, but if we get to Japan this spring it will be worth it.

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