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Being free is expensive

I just got back from my bank having paid four months ahead on my mortgage and effectively cut the remaining principle by nearly half. I am now seriously considering using my savings to pay the rest off completely but as that will deplete my funds by a little more than half I'm still hesitant. However, this would free one more paycheck per month to devote entirely to savings in the future so building it back up won't be as difficult as it has these past two years. Parental advice must be sought and I'm not going to do anything until after August anyway. This leaves me free to save for the trip to Japan with matt_william be it at the end of May or August in the case that it is delayed. I can finally start to breathe a sigh of relief. Thank you Grandma! You have helped ease my life considerably.

Now I must try to get in a game of Simpsons: Hit and Run before work. I stopped by S.C.S. to check out their new selection of PS2 games before the bank and took some time to chat with Matt and his pop. I wouldn't have thought twice about it but it was very highly recommended by the Sprite Monkey at Secret of Mana Theater. At thirteen bucks it won't be too big of a loss if I don't like it, but I have a feeling that I won't have to worry about that.

- J I M O U T -

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