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Monica's Party and a lazy weekend

I've done quite a bit this weekend tho' it really hasn't felt like such. Looking back it might seem like I spent a lot of time wondering what to do with myself but that wasn't the case. Part of it may be due to the fact that I stayed up Friday night until five am Saturday, slept until noon, then did it again Sunday. But I've been out and about enough that I don't feel guilty for wasting the weekend, and I owe thanks to my friends for calling and keeping me from doing so.

Friday I bought a PS2: redux. After some late night online price shopping Thursday I finally allowed myself to purchase one along with a memory card. I've been obsessing over the Peter Gunn theme lately and not being able to play the new version of Spy Hunter was driving me nuts. Borrowing Thea's PS2 for a couple months along with Katamari Damacy convinced me that it would be worth the price, especially since it gets crowded when more than three people want to watch DVDs in my computer room. So now I have the “new and improved” version, about half the size of the original and supposedly upgraded. It's worth pointing out that this is my first ever non-Nintendo console system. It's probably also worth pointing out that I haven't bought one in six years.

I tried to get matt_william over Saturday for lunch but he was a little too busy so I slept in and took it easy for a while. I don't know how but I mustered up some ambition and washed the dishes while watching The Blues Brothers (for the Peter Gunn theme, of course), then cooked Heroin Chicken again, this time using boneless, skinless chicken breasts. While it cooked I played Spy Hunter for an hour and when it was ready I tried not to eat all of it at once. There's a reason it's called “Heroin Chicken.”

When I was done it was about time to get cleaned up so Matt and Sarah could pick me up for A-Club. Sarah was delighted to see how much MST3K I had ready for her but there was a bit of a misunderstanding in that the episodes probably won't be viewable on a standard DVD player. They're just .avi files, fine for a standard computer but somewhat less than spectacular for home viewing. She took a disc home anyway to try it out and tide her over until we can decide if we should change the game plan. Meanwhilst, I'm downloading the DAP DVD files for episodes that will be viewable on standard players. The first episode is Agent From H.A.R.M and will probably be done by the end of the week. Curse these single digit download speeds!

A-Club was great. I haven't attended since the beginning of February and really missed being there. Bob finally got me the Tachikoma special episodes that I've been waiting on since last autumn and I brought home some Azumanga Daioh mini games for the PC. After some chatting I decided to bring Katamari Damacy to play on the big screen there. It's one of those games that are as fun to watch as play.

Indeed I played which is what helped keep me up late last night after I reset all the clocks. Setting them ahead is easier than back, but still annoying. At least the bell to signal our breaks at work will finally be on time.

More oversleeping this morning. No real big plans other than changing aquarium water and I did that during Back to the Future. It was such a beautiful day but I didn't spend as much time outside as I should have. I wouldn't have known what to do with myself if I had. I've just been that way lately. I know why, but it didn't stop me from being a nonproductive blob until Monica called. She called two or three times actually, in regards to an impromptu get together at her place this evening.

Ahnika, sacredspud, Becky and Kaleb were already there when I arrived. Nettie, a girl who calls herself “God,” Lindsay and Tick showed in quick succession shortly thereafter. This gathering was planned last minute and had more people show than my Red Dwarf-a-thon or my Tick-a-thon. Maybe I plan these things too much.

I've never played “Apples to Apples” with so many people but it worked out well and we all had fun. It was preempted however, by DDR and an iToy game which took up the rest of the time Colin and, um some others were there. Eventually the rest of us went for a walk and ended up at a nearby park where I had more fun than I let on. The night was lovely – still is, as far as I know – and I spent some time on the swings looking up at the stars.

I didn't stay much longer after we returned to Monica's. They were going to watch Napoleon Dynamite which didn't interest me, and I needed to get home to feed the fish anyway. It's good I returned home when I did because Hydra has a couple of fresh cuts along her sides. I don't know where she got them and I hope it wasn't from Carter because they were fed late, but I can't discount that theory entirely. That alone should keep my attention from focusing on the Playstation too often.

. . . Where was I? About to avoid more sleep, I guess. I'm to the point where it's too easy to get distracted from finishing a sentence and my contacts aren't working properly. I should probably get to Playstation. I mean Bed.

E V I L O U T -

P.S. I can't access the Log In window on Live Journal's main screen with the TAB key anymore. Who do I complain to about that?

Current Mood: can't sleep... clowns will eat me...

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