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So full of hate

Mostly a gripe list. Skip it if you like.

Crap. I'm sick and it sucks. It's not much but it could get much worse. Last night while whiling away the hours online I began to notice a barely perceptible irritation in my throat. By the time I went to bed it was a little worse and delayed my sleep through discomfort and worry. It persisted throughout today with only slight alleviation through continued dosages of Hall's mentho-lyptus (egad, what a name) drops. Right now I'm tired, but that could be my usual post-work lethargy. Still, I'm fearing the worst. I hate being sick.

I know where I got it from too. I invited a friend over Saturday and midway through his visit he confessed to having a sore throat. It was subtle, so I couldn't tell right away. Now I suffer. I'm not holding anything against him for it, and I hope he doesn't take it personally when I napalm his hair. It's just a matter of principle, you see.

It's really not that bad yet, and I'm hoping it will clear up in a couple... well, right now would be nice. It's bad timing; I'm using vacation time to have the rest of the week off. Then I get to work twelve hours Saturday night. They're through the hours I normally sleep too, so just that in itself will be an effort. It can only get better or worse by then and I would prefer not having the uncertainty of not knowing how well I will make it through. Crap.

What else besides the beginnings of coming down with who knows what? I don't know. Blame the sore throat and hard day for killing off any interesting anecdotes or humourous internal monologues. Consider this entry a gripe.

I'm not looking forward to christ's mess next week and I'm glad it will be over soon. There are some aspects that I like such as kindness and thoughtfulness toward family and friends, which I observe year-round, but overall I can do without the business year revolving around one day. The whole over-commercialization is just sickening; the music, the forced cheer, the implied obligation to buy buy buy something for everyone you know, the assumption that this is everyone's favourite holiday. There's the obvious connection to a religion which I disdain and questionable actions of its followers to make it so widespread. The general ignorance of the masses... the list goes on.... This was going to be longer but I'm still tired. Crap.

Anyway, rather than go on and on about why I dislike christ's mess and griping in general and losing all my readers (both of them. Hi guys, if you're still reading) I will attempt to turn it around and try to provide something useful. I've done a bit of research and for the next week I will include some information about the holiday and its various traditions in each post. Do you know why it's observed on Dec.25th? Or why everyone and their uncle cuts down a tree to hang shiny junk on it, only to throw it away a week later? How about who this old fat guy is and his bizarre association with flying ungulates? I didn't think so. Well, soon you won't be able to say that anymore. I'll try to keep the commentary to a minimum, but no promises. Then, when it's all done and over with, you can go back to reading about how cold my hands are and whining about my lack of writing outside of Live Journal. Whee.
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