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55 word story: "Waiting"

My short story for March, in just under the wire.


“Please,” he begged, addressing the revolver. A large bead of sweat dripped into his eye. “listen to reason...” I only watched indifferently, waiting for them to finish so I could go.

“It was an accident. I didn't know it was yours. They said it was okay to take it.”

Finally bored, I pulled the trigger.

This is a 55 word story. One which has a setting, character(s) conflict and resolution all within 55 words. I first discovered the style in the book The World's Shortest Stories, a collection of fiction where each piece is exactly 55 words long. -- I've only written one other and it's much better than this one, but I don't remember where it went off to and anyway, this is newer. -- Good stories are possible in such a small space and I've read many of them. There are guidelines for this form like any other and they can be found here. I might suggest reading through the rules and posting a 55 word story of your own, but in the past my memes tended to be less popular than those where one enters their username and receives their friends list randomly assigned to some silly roles. Or where one clicks some checkboxes to get some aspect of pop culture to represent their personality.

Anyway, i thought I'd try my hand once again at this style and others. It's been so long since I've written on a regular basis and it bothers me more every time I think about it. This used to be so easy. Easy or not I'm going to kick myself in the ass and make some progress no matter how much it hurts.

- E V I L O U T -

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