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Finally, a real update

A full weekend was had. Or rather, a filling weekend was had. After a hearty breakfast of crepes ala Grandma and ham dinner with several sides care of my aunt I am still, hours later, overstuffed and lazy. That isn't to say I didn't accomplish some much-needed chores once I returned home, but I did desire strongly to fling myself upon the couch curled protectively around the last dozen or so chapters remaining in The Odyssey until it was time to retire for the night.

I worked early Saturday morning for Boto; 1.) for the money and 2.) to prevent the inevitable screw-ups likely to follow him since he's still inexperienced at the job. All went well; I worked along side of two adept, helpful and friendly coworkers and the morning passed swift and smoothly. I was home by eleven to feed the fish and finish packing for the trip.

Ah. The SWE has just come online. Since it's been over two months since we last spoke at length, I expect this entry will have to wait until tomorrow for completion.

That was Sunday night. Late night visitors have prevented me from continuing and finishing and it is now Tuesday night. In any case;

We made it to Grandma's in good time and had a nice visit. Grandma brought out her old jewelery boxes and let Mom go through them to keep what she wanted. She also gave me Grandpa's old wristwatches and a delightfully noisy pocket watch which was strung on a shoestring. It was still in working order and I proudly slung it about my neck for the rest of the weekend. She also gave me his “wedding ring.” I use quotes because when they were married well over 60 years ago he said he did not want a ring because his hands – a working man's hands – had large knuckles making it difficult for him to wear such jewelery. She gave him one anyway and he subsequently didn't wear it from then on. It's a beautiful ring and I am proud to keep it. It even fits.

Looks like someone just logged on again so I will have to continue this another time.

This is now the third time I've attempted to start this entry. Thursday midday. Let's see how far I get. I believe I was detailing my weekend.

Still at Grandma's, we coloured eggs after dinner and as usual, I didn't have any good ideas until I was on the last one. This I decorated with scenes of Odysseus' ship, Ithaca and Poseidon since I was still in the midst of The Odyssey. I read a large chunk over the weekend and as of this writing I am one book from the end so I should bring another book to supplement since I will probably finish it today at work.

This year Grandma has expressed interest in observing holidays and family birthdays at someplace other than hers since we've been doing it there for years and she does like to get out more often. This time Easter dinner was at my aunt and uncle's and everything was delicious. We all visited for a while but after the meal everyone seemed to get bored and eventually the folks, Grandma and I just headed back to her place. Where I napped a little and read some more between conversations. We made it home earlier than usual since Mom worked early the next morning and I managed to get in some serious slacking before finally breaking down to wash dishes and change water in the aquarium.
Gee. I've been trying all week to write that??

Anyway, the fish don't seem to be fighting any more. I put Dagon back into the 55 gallon tank after I changed the water. The milky white patches were all gone and he seemed generally well, if not bored out of his fishy little skull. I did have one concern to be mindful of however as Hydra had taken to chasing Carter around the past week. I don't know whether he had been aggravating her or if it was a territorial thing. She never did this before I had to remove Dagon so I can only presume it was due to his absence. I watched him retaliate a couple times and noticed some slashes along Hydra's side and one near an eye so I can tell He was fighting back. I hoped bringing Dagon back would give her someone her own size to deal with.

Boy was I right. She took to chasing Dagon right away and Monday night after work I saw fresh markings on him as well that weren't there Sunday night. I watched carefully and saw Hydra was still being a major pest to both of them and Carter struck back occasionally too. Since he was the only one unscathed I fingered him as the culprit. I didn't want to put him back in his bowl or the other tank just yet because multiple tanks get to be a lot of work so I started feeding them more than I used to and that seems to have solved the problem. Either there was a bit of tension since Dagon was gone for three or four weeks and then suddenly back, or I just wasn't feeding them enough. For now they seem to be ok and scars are already healing.

Tick and Lindsay stopped by two nights in a row this week which is uncommon but not rare. Monday they had Ahnika in tow and (eventually) we decided to go up to Denny's like the old days. It was fun but it wasn't the same without Coffee Bitch. The hostess was rude and cast daggers from her eyes and the server could barely speak English. We still had a good time and made it back in time to say goodnight at my door. But since Ahnika still had a long drive left to the city and she and I were the only ones still awake and alert she opted to stick around to visit and crash at my place on the fold-out couch for the night. We talked for a couple more hours which is quite a rarity considering we've only seen each other maybe three or four times in the last year.

In the morning I cooked breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon which was a delight since I rarely get to cook for anyone these days. Everything turned out just right which is an even greater rarity. -- Usually it tastes great but presentation leaves something to be desired. -- Before I dropped her off at Tick's we picked up Lindsay and did some shopping at the world-famous Elves' Palace. Sadly, I didn't find anything I really wanted or needed this time and just bought a wind-up fish and turtle as an impulse purchase. They'll still be in business until the end of May and I will keep going back but surprise that I left nearly empty-handed holds me still.

And now for something completely different:
Someone please remind me to call about my water softener. I've had hard water for over a month now and it's annoying me. I keep forgetting to call them when I have opportunity and there's no sense putting it off if I 'm paying for a service I'm not getting. Also someone please remind me to call about having a repairman examine my furnace since I got a recall notice a few weeks ago and I don't want my house to burn down. This is also nothing to put off since the manufacturer is paying for the service and there is no out-of-pocket expense to me other than the phone call. Thank you.

I'm pleased to finally have all my episodes of MST3K burned to disc and deleted from my hard drive. That was 40 gigs I desperately needed back. Now I can work on downloading more for Sarah and myself but first I'd like to investigate further into the DAP DVD Project wherein I can download several large files and assemble them into a working, high-quality DVD. If anything, I should be more versatile in learning to use new software and this proves to be a good opportunity.

More computer stuff but not educational computer stuff is my recent sponsorship to Red</font> vs. Blue for the hi-res 3rd season vids. Out of curiosity I plugged all 53 episodes into Windows Media Player to find that the story is now five hours long and that's not even including all the PSA's and bonus stuff. Sounds like it's almost time for a marathon.

Before I rebegan this entry I dined with matt_william at Culver's to discuss our oft delayed trip to Japan. The next tour is from May 29th to June 4th (I almost wrote “June 30th.” Wouldn't that be nice?) This is more promising than the August tour which was canceled last minute, but also pressures me to actually DO something to get ready, like getting my passport, filling out paperwork and ordering those old radio shows so I have something do do for 18 hours on a plane cross country and ocean.

Speaking of doing somethings to get ready, I have work in less than an hour and I still haven't picked out that alternate book yet. I wish I knew where my copy of Starship Titanic was.

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