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"For maximum effect"

Tonite at work we had our newly resurrected quarterly meeting which included revisions to the employee handbook in anticipation of the big change coming January when our division shifts (yet again) to another part of the company. This will be the third time in as many years and I'm beginning to consider job shopping. Anyway, we each got a cookie for attending and a welcome gift pen from the new division. Whee. Oh, and an hour of overtime pay for mandatory duff-sitting which was even better.

When I got home I shaved my neck. That may sound unusual but neck hair bothers me. It's uncomfortable, collects dirt and grease and just looks bad. Mine tends to itch and generally just doesn't feel right when I wear a collared shirt or jacket. Plus, it catches on necklaces which can be painful. Everyone has that bit of scraggly stuff on the back of their neck just below the hairline that grows slower than regular head hair at about an inch a year. It's usually wispy and too thin to do anything with so I just take my electric razor and shave it off. Mmmm, smoooth. I like the feel and it looks better too. Unfortunately, during the past three years that I've been doing this and not getting a single haircut, I've crept a little too high a couple times so now I have a clean area a quarter to half an inch up my hairline. It's no big deal but since the two areas grow at different rates, if I don't shave regularly that higher area gets extra long and gets in the way when I finally do shave. Tonite was one of those occasions since it's been several weeks and I didn't feel like it at the beginning of the cold weather. But now I'm lovely and clean comfy again. Wanna feel it?

Slept late again. I feel guilty about it but at the time it was all I wanted to do. I figured it may be that my bed is too comfortable so I pulled off one of the thick blankets. With less weight and heat it may be easier. One of the reasons I need to start getting up before noon is that I'm running out of leftovers. I'm gonna have to cook soon, not that I have many options but cooking a couple times a week is better than eating bachelor chow every day. I've done that before and it gets boring after a while. Plus, I need to hone some housekeeping skills if I ever expect to lure in a prospective mate. It takes hard work and dedication to make the best impression before she'll devour your head and lay her eggs in your chest.

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