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The oddity and the odyssey

I was going to post tonite. I had it all planned out: come home, pay bills, tidy up and check updates. I did all that but now it's late and I just have this strong desire to lay down and read more in Homer's Odyssey before bed. It's a great book and I regret not starting it sooner. I'm going to work some good commentary on it into my journal but tonite's not the night. I just don't have the patience for it. I also don't have the time since daylight means Friday and I have to get up early to cash my paychek, pick up groceries and run errands before work. This also includes dropping my key off with matt_william so he can feed my fish for the weekend and if his dad is there I could be detained indefinitely. Like my own father he's a great guy and a talker. It also means it's difficult to get away if I need to.

Hmm. I just caught myself considering whether I should price hard drives again. Elvis filled up quick once I started downloading episodes of MST3K from the Digital Archive Project and I have to burn and delete some 30 gigs before I can continue on with season 3. I should probably convince myself to do that rather than spend more money on Elvira.

I'm getting sidetracked again. I'll just finish up here online and go back to reading.

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