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BF Gunn

So I've spent most of the evenings this week not writing journal entries about my weekend. Either I've had company over each night or have been busy with something else (tonite not excluded.) But that doesn't prevent me from scripting them in my head while I'm at work. I'll get a decent one in sooner or later, just not tonite, I guess.

Anyway, since I've built up a bunch of free songs on iTunes from Pepsi bottle caps I've been researching and downloading covers of the theme to Peter Gunn by Henry Mancini. I'm quite enjoying the music and look forward to listening to it while playing the updated version of Spy Hunter for the PS2 that I haven't purchased yet. This BF Gunn compilation is an idea I had a few years ago and it is only recently coming to frutition. Even tho' I have covers by Sarah Vaughan, Dick Dale, ELP, Elvis, Jack Costanzo and an acapella group called The Swingle Singers, it is still not complete because the crowning center piece will be, no. HAS to be the music from the original Spy Hunter arcade game, the one that started it all. Finding it for the arcade stand-up may take a lot longer, but until then I have the NSF file from the Nintendo game. Not as much bass from the back speakers but still an awesome version.

I have over a dozen tracks but my search still lies long before me. Peter Gunn is a relatively short song and all the tracks I have so far total little over half an hour. My goal was to fill an entire CD's worth and my vow to avoid weak versions just as filler and... um... damn. Speaking of, I just found one done by Deja Blues that would be awesome were it not for some guy with a squeaky voice screaming at the audience to do different dances.

I'd better go; multitasking isn't working tonite and if I'm not careful I might buy another Deja Blues song.

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. sacredspud, if you ever find those tracks you were downloading for me for this project, please let me know and I'll have a surprise for you.

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