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Again, I shouldn't be at the computer right now with work looming in the morning ahead, but I just got home and am only now beginning to unwind. It looks like sacredspd and I will get together tomorrow midday so I need to conserve enough energy for that. Unless we end up goofing off at the computer which is what we usually do.

No anime club for a couple weeks due to spring break and I'm surprised that no one has planned anything in the meanwhilst. Here, I was all set to attend this Saturday for the first time in a month for Rozen Maiden episode 5 and now it won't happen for two more weeks. Oh well. I've been finding other things to do with my Saturdays. I just wish the past month didn't feel like three as it went by.

I attempted to read Homer's Odyssey today. I say “attempted” because I only made it through four pages while on break at work. People kept interrupting me to talk about it. I didn't want to appear rude so I chatted with them and by the time they were done break was over. I guess reading a book isn't an obvious enough sign that someone wants to be left alone.

The story is good so far, what little I did get to, that is. I bought the Cliffs Notes to supplement and read the introduction earlier which has helped considerably already. If I had read this book eight years ago when Jon first gave it to me I may have had some difficulty, but with all the classical literature I've read since then there are no problems. Well, except perhaps for pronunciation of Greek names. They use more vowels than I would and accented letters are common. I may have to tear the first page out of the next dictionary I find to use as a bookmark.

Ugh, what else? I'm fading a little already which is a good sign. Hopefully I won't have as much trouble sleeping as I did last Friday, what a nightmare that was. I'm still having problems sleeping unless I stay awake until I'm exhausted but this past week hasn't been so bad. Time is healing I guess, but I still want a chance to say in what way.

Oh carp. I almost forgot it's still snowing. Spring is two days away, I wish the weather would make up its damn mind. At least when it's snows like this I know I can leave midday without shoveling and count on most of it melting by the time I get back. However, I still have to clear the driveway for company tomorrow after I'm done with work in the morning.

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