Evil Jim (evil_jim) wrote,
Evil Jim

Wear green, damnit

It's late, I don't have much to say, but I had to get a post in just to make it GREEN. Green, you hear me? GREEEEEEEN!!!

Tick & Lindsay came over again tonite and we watched Attack of the The Eye Creatures. It was awful. Around every corner lurked living proof that the makers of this film just didn't care! If it weren't an episode of MST3K we wouldn't have been able to last all the way through. Damn smoochers!

Since it was movie time I made us some popcorn and finally used that strawberry flavoured kettle corn glaze that I bought on clearance at someplace like Shopko a couple years ago and never used until now. It was pretty good so I had ramen instead.

Oh, apparently I'm Columbia on that "Which Rocky Horror Character Are You?" meme. You're welcome for not posting it.

Anyway, in the morning I'm getting Dad and taking him to the American Legion post for our annual lunch of corned beef and cabbage. I tried it for the first time ever a couple years ago and was more than surprised to find how much I actually liked the cabbage. The last time I had it was last summer at an Irish-ish restaurant in the Chicago area so I'm long overdue. Mmmm, less than eight hours.

Woah, I just sneezed so hard I woke up the fish.

I'm proud to say that there is still Heroin Chicken in the fridge. This is significant because it means I haven't eaten my way through an entire four pound bag of chicken winglets in four days... yet. Once I'm through with these I'll probably cook up another batch using the rest of the boneless chicken breasts in my freezer. Dang. Once youv'e tried it you don't have to wonder why it's called "Heroin Chicken." Mmmm. Heroin Chicken.

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