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Better than drinking broken glass

You know, as much as I enjoy using interesting titles for my journal entries, it just makes it difficult finding specific posts later on. Oh well. Anyway,


I was planning on writing my usual long-ish post but I just finished writing a thousand word letter to the SWE and I'm a little drained. Still, there were some links I wanted to share so I could get them out of my overflowing bookmark list and to you, my public, where they belong. I'll close with those but first, some news:

Lindsay and Tick dropped by Monday night which was a welcome relief from the solitude that had been overwhelming me throughout the weekend. They brought with them a birthday gift for me which was quite a surprise since I don't ask for anything of my friends other than to tolerate my personality and basically smile and nod from time to time. That, and undying devotion to the First Chirch of Evil Jim. Anyway, they gave me volume 6 of the platinum release of Eva, which explains why Tick was so carefully eying my DVDs when they were over last week. We finished watching the entire series along with End of Eva a few weeks ago and I'm glad to see they're still enthusiastic about it. They may not turn into full blown Eva junkies but they've experienced an important part of anime history that will continue to affect them with every new series they see. Well, maybe just AMVs and parodies.

I won't say things are getting better but I've definitely noticed a change in Dagon's mysterious and worrying white blotch tonite. It appears to have faded slightly and is a little difficult to make out now. I still have no idea what it is or if it's normal but a little hope has grown telling me it may not be as serious as even I had at first been imagining. I'm calling a local vet tomorrow to see if they look at fish but I probably won't make it in for an appointment if they do because I have to run to Petsmart to get a new heating unit because the one in the big one is almost finished. Aquarium temperature has dropped so much that poor carter has been huddling near the nearly defunct heater for two days so I put him back in his one gallon bowl in a warmer room for now. Hydra should be ok until I get the new unit as goldfish can stand lower temperatures, but this can't wait any longer. I hope it isn't too late.

I just spent 10 minutes on the Anime Club forums looking for my post about free Pocky boxes and I haven't found it. It's been a while since I last checked in – I haven't even been to Club in a month – and I wanted to know if anyone wanted any or not. Apparently the thread has been removed for whatever reason and through whatever means. It's hard to tell if it was selective or not because there are many threads whose posts died out ages ago. Since I'm probably going to Club this weekend I can ask around but from the response my thread got it's probably pretty safe to assume that I can toss them. Ah well.

I finished reading Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul today. It was quite good, despite a little confusion I had over the ending. It seemed there were a few loose plot threads but then, I am dealing with the author of the Hitchhiker series. I rather enjoyed it and am looking forward to discussing it with sacredspud when next the chance meets. For now, if I recall correctly I still have a copy of Starship Titanic floating around here someplace that I still have yet to read. Then I will have to go shopping for more by Adams. I really must recommend him to Dad if he can find any audiobooks.

I'm fading out here. I'd better get to the links. All open in their own window... baby!

Here is a Bigger Than Cheeses comic I saved for a dear friend who probably still drinks too much coffee, despite repeated (indirect) warnings from my hero, (and yours, admit it) Mr. Coffee Nerves. Oh, and here is another.

I've been staying up wayy too late for the past few nights playing Nanaca Crash, a flash game that uses characters from a Japanese PS2 game, pitting an unfortunate young man up against several strong young woman. The game starts when Nanaca crashes her bike into poor Taichi, the goal being to keep him airbourne as long as possible to reach the greatest distance. A helpful guide can be found here in case you can't read Japanese.

Speaking of addictive flash games, last night I discovered Viridian Room, a sequil to the challenging </i>Crimson Room</i> which kept me up through a very late night some time last summer. As with the latter, the object of the former is to escape the room using things found within it. It's very clever and requires quite a bit of searching and ingenuity to complete. There is another, presumably similar, game called Blue Chamber which I haven't tried yet, and all three are available at Fasco-sc. I recommend starting with Red. Don't give up! It is possible to escape.

I think a webcomic titled The Living Tales of Zombie Jesus speaks for itself.

And as long as we're on the subject, did you know that T-shirts are Evil

This is another Bigger Than Cheeses comic about The Sims 2 that Lindsay probably shouln't look at but feel free to show it to Tick. I feel bad for laughing, but then I feel stupid for feeling bad and it just goes 'round and 'round.

Main Entry:Dictionaraoke
Pronunciation: 'dik-sh&-"ner-A-O-ke
Definition: Audio clips from online dictionaries sing the hits of yesterday and today. The fun of karaoke meets the word power of the dictionary.

That's about it for now. I really should get to bed soon if I want to make it to the pet store and back before work, but if I'm anything like the nights over the past month I won't be able to sleep until I'm absolutely exhausted. We'll see. I hope this passes soon but it probably won't. During the meanwhilst, enjoy the links!

- E V I L O U T -

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