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Black (moor) Sunday and Pie Day

First, a special thank you to everyone who wished me well on my birthday either here or in the real world. I see it pays to advertise. ^_~

I had an awful Friday night at work which led to a lousy Saturday morning at work which led to a stressful afternoon. Tom and his girlfriend Kate came by midday Saturday to visit but I was mid-crisis with the black moor as mentioned in last post. We went to lunch together as planned and they were happy to accompany me as I ran to Petsmart then Animart to pick up a quarantine tank and other supplies. Then we went to Clowning Around to inquire of the wigs they ordered to cosplay Gravitation characters at Acen and headed home to watch Evangelion: Death and Redeath. All that on 3 hours of sleep and I still stayed up past 3 am. I then dropped them off at Tom's work and headed home to do a water change and clean my aquarium.

Before I got any actual work done a call startled me out of Read or Die episode 12 to find that Tom had a slow night at work, was let off early and took me up on my invitation to come back again for a while longer if such had happened. It was a great surprise and relief since I didn't expect to hear from him again and had already started feeling down and alone again. I was so glad he called and went to pick him up right away. He kept me company while I cleaned the tanks and took care of fish and we spoke philosophy, relationships, art and beauty, and other things I wouldn't expect to hear from a 15 year old. It surprises me to see someone his age so mature and level headed, yet wild and strange at the same time. I believe I may have been more like him had I not had so much oppression to deal with during my school years.

He showed me more of his art which improves noticeably every time I see it. Earlier in the day he gave me a personalized birthday card which immediately became one of the best I've ever received. It's rare that I receive personal and homemade gifts like this and I'm deeply touched. I need to find someway to preserve this so it won't get damaged. Maybe I can get it laminated at Kinkos or something. Check out the front and inside.

Today was ok, slow and not so busy. The only time I left the house was to get breakfast at Taco Bell and at 2PM was pretty much an excuse to get out of the house. Thea stopped by very briefly this morning to pick up most of her things and that got me down a lot more than I expected. It felt so. . . final. She still wants to remain friends but I don't know how long it will be before she's ready to visit again for more than a few minutes, and for more than just business. I only wish time didn't feel like it was passing four times slower than it actually is.

So I spent the rest of the day either recovering or distracting myself from that. I was finally able to get a couple halfway-decent photos of Dagon to post and request for help on the aquahobby.com forums but no one else has contributed anything yet. But then, it's only been a few hours. I'm so worried because I'm so new at this and now I must do so much research on my own since Thea isn't here to help out and advise. I don't know what I need to know and the information out there is so bountiful and varying that it's a daunting task just finding where to start, let alone sifting out what I need. The “Diseases and Disasters” thread alone on the forum where I posted has 46 pages of threads and most of the titles have little more information than “sick fish!! please help!!!” It's a heavy incentive to learn a lot fast, but I was hoping to avoid a crisis until I knew more about them.

Besides that I plowed through a chunk of Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul. (I honestly don't remember when it's appropriate to underline or italicize book titles and things like that. If anyone has any resources to this matter, I'd appreciate the info.) This will likely send me off for the rest of Douglas Adams' bibliography the next time I'm at the used boo store, but until then I must remember that I still have Starship Titanic unread on my bedroom bookshelf somewhere. But then, I still have all those Arkham House compilations by Lovecraft that still wont for my attention. I've barely even touched the six volumes of letters. I might go back to those next depending on my mood. The letters might be good for me since they are his own voice rather than that of his characters and I might enjoy the simulated company since human contact feels so sparse lately.

Tonight for supper, despite the late lunch from Taco Bell, I cooked Heroin Chicken for the first time. Mom discovered the recipe a couple years ago and the stuff lives up to its name. I ate too much and am still feeling the effects. Since I had four pounds of (ok, before you connect this sentence directly with the last, allow me to stop you right here) frozen chicken "winglets" I combined it with another recipe for barbecue-type sauced wing tips and did them half and half. The sauce was a little too thin and soaked everything else in the pan but everything was still quite delicious, including the sweet potato I threw in on the side. Finally I have something to cook for company!

Last but not least, tomorrow – or, rather, today – is Pie Day! I already have another apple pie ready and waiting with a freezer full of ice cream to make it à la mode. Be sure to have some pie today.

That cheered me up ^_^

E V I L O U T -

P.S. I must thank sacredspud again for indirectly introducing me to the Overclocked Remix Project. I'm nowhere near having heard everything in the archive and I regularly have the entire playlist on random whenever I'm using the computer. There's a lot of great stuff here. I only wish my iPod didn't CRASH my computer whenever I connect to update it.

Update! I just noticed that this is my 300th post! Wheee!

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