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Evil Jim

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12:50 am: Blackburn Lancashire
I haven't been up to date on world news for several years now. I haven't watched television regularly since early 2000 and the one old set I own has been in a back room turned towards the corner for the nine months that I've lived here. I skip my internet provider's homepage with news links while online, I don't seek the information out and hardly pay attention when it's available. This is probably why big news events don't surprise me much since I know I'm out of the loop and if I do hear about something, I've already expected it to be significant.

I read something interesting today. When I saw it I went "oh" and picked up the front page of the newspaper instead of the comics. I figure, if something is printed in three inch block headlines I should probably check it out in case there's some useful information about avoiding giant clouds of poisonous black dust or keeping out of range of heat-rays. No such luck. But I did learn that Suddam Hussein was captured over the weekend. I read through the entire front section of the paper but all the articles had pretty much the same brief information. Again, I wasn't really surprised since I'd figured it would happen eventually. That, or his body would be found, cyanide pill in the teeth with a bullet hole in the temple. Well, perhaps not that specific, but one way or another.

I'm actually interested now in what's going to happen next. I suppose it'll be like if Hitler had been captured alive but then, that was a different war and generation all together. I wonder how much information the media relays is accurate. It always seems to have a spin on it as it is, which is part of the reason I don't miss being up to date. The papers will tell, and I will believe what I will. In the end, I just hope it will shorten this stupid war. What? It was already over? I didn't notice.

That got boring quick, so how about some highlights from last night's Madrigal dinner? Sound good? Okay!

-- It was good to be with a bunch of friends this time. I was even glad to see Matt's kid sister who served us. It's still weird seeing the little, loud and obnoxious kid all grown up. Well, partially grown up now. He took every chance to call her a "wench" and she made sure he was served last. During the opening welcome she was standing near our table RIGHT in my face and I couldn't see anything so I gave her bunny ears. She never saw it but shortly thereafter another wench came up and chastised me about it! Me! A visiting lord. In medieval times a servant wouldn't dare talk to a superior that way. Now, this! What is this world coming to?

-- There was comedy abound with three jesters around. At one point during the main course I summoned one over and offered him a gold piece if he could place an origami hat (which I had fashioned out of scrap paper) upon the head of the old, dreary and moth-eaten stuffed peacock that decorates the main stage at these events every year. The young jester tried, and boy did he try, but the hat did not stay on the bird long. I wanted to give him a tip for the effort but the men at arms quickly caught him and hauled him away to be executed.

-- Flamelight adds such a magical quality to special nights like this as well as a bit of excitement. Each table had its own small oil lamp and the table of the royal court was no exception with many wax candles. Later in the evening during some non-music festivities one of them set fire to the floor-length tablecloth. It took may shouts before any at the head table knew what was going on and the flames had spread from the floor midway up to the table. Fortunately, (or unfortunately, depending on what sort of entertainment you were hoping for) they were able to douse it with a generous sacrifice of fresh wassail and water. Praise be to those young men who were able to stop laughing enough to get something done.

-- Jon dove into his origami as usual and made, among other things, a small mouse which he placed in the vegetable platter and complained to the wenches that it was unsuitable for us. The passing wench insisted that it was, and left him with the mouse. Such inhospitality! He also began work on a small castle made from many small units, stating that next year we should work together and attempt to build one of impressive size throughout the evening. It's an amusing thought, but I think I'd rather watch the entertainment.

In other news, when I dropped off those two Megatokyo-related prints to be framed a couple weeks ago I saw an item waiting to be picked up by another customer. I really liked it and asked the shop owner to inquire of the picture owner of the artist on my behalf. This morning I got a call to learn that the print is "Requium" by William Tucci. I expect to be buying a copy of my own sometime in the future when I have money. For now, at least, I have a digital version. I saw a couple other prints I like but this is by far my favourite. Apparently the artist does the comic Shi among others which I may check out as well.

Matt, Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I didn't mention this the last time I saw you but it's your own fault for not hinting ~_^ Take care and have a good year.

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Current Music: "The Eve of the War" (Martian techno remix) by Jeff Wayne


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Date:December 16th, 2003 06:46 am (UTC)
Glad you had a good time at the Madrigal Dinner. Being in Madrigals is one of my best memories of high school. Unfortunately, it's lost a bit of its magic for me, now that they have a new choir director who has stated, quite frankly, that he doesn't particularly like the Madrigal Dinner. That might have changed, now that he's seen the support it receives from parents and the community.
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