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Just got back from a bit of shopping. I don't ask for gifts so I can go out and buy myself a bunch of guilt-free birthday presents. I didn't stop everywhere I had planned but I still picked up a bunch of stuff I normally wouldn't have bought.

I hadn't been to Westfield comics in a while and updated my manga there. I used to have several domestic comics I bought faithfully every month but the number has dwindled over the past few years. About the only tile I actively look for these days is Liberty Meadows and Cho hasn't published an issue in an entire year now. I'd be disgusted with him if I didn't love the comic so much. All there has been up until now are reprints of old strips, I wonder how on Earth he managed a new one every day back when it was in syndication.

I didn't have anything in mind when I stopped in at Pegasus Games but I always go there for the 20% birthday discount. I found some card games that have been strongly recommended by friends and a small plastic statue of Cthulhu. I wish they made these in resin, safe for my aquarium.

I only stopped by Barnes & Noble to look for the jewel cases that hold four CDs and are the size of one. They had no such thing but I found something better: three albums by Tomita and the last ones I needed to spell his name with the album covers. His version of the Star Wars theme is quite good, and very entertaining with its inclusion of Moonlight Sonata. I am also fond of his renditions of Also Sprach Zarathustra and Ride of the Valkyrie. I can't say much more at the moment because I'm only on the third track of Kosmos right now.

I've been looking for a Microsoft Sidewinder USB controller so I can play MAME two player but they appear to be hard to find these days. Comp USA didn't have any but they did have spindles of 100 DVD-Rs on special for $19.99 for their own birthday sale (which I believe ends on March 10th.) I bought two considering how fast Elvis is filling up with anime and episodes of MST3K for Sarah. I called her once I returned home and she seemed delighted. I'll begin burning as soon as the latest batch of episodes is through downloading.

Tom was kind enough to call midday to wish me a ... a... well, he wished me a happy birthday but it was in Japanese and I don't remember how it goes. We made tentative plans for the weekend between my morning shift at work and his in the evening. It should work out fine and it will be nice to see him again. Since he got a job he's all but vanished and we hardly visit any more.

I might be back later this evening with an addendum, perhaps with a list of things I want but didn't get (like Yoda in a Can.) Right now I should put some things away and get ready for dinner with the folks. For now, enjoy another sample of a newly discovered and favourite web comic: Better Than Cheeses.

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