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Tonight I introduced Carter to Dagon and Hydra. I could say things are going swimmingly but that would be only in the literal sense. Carter, having lived a life or relative peace in a one gallon bowl of still water on the table in my computer room for the past month is now in a 55 gallon tank full of currents, bubbles, churning water and other fish. Needless to say he's probably terrified at the moment. After I put him in I watched for an hour as he hid amongst the ruins and tall plants in the west end, then carefully explored all the way to the east before circling back 'round again to the cover in slow water. He's puffing up a lot and as beautiful as he looks when he does that I'm concerned about the stress he's under right now. His world is now 50 times larger and completely different from what he's used to. The moors don't mind, of course – they don't seem to notice anything for more than a few seconds at a time – but Carter acts like someone dumped out of bed and into a hedge maze during a thunderstorm. He's calmed down a bit after the initial shock but he really doesn't want to go too far in any direction.

I fed everyone a couple hours early this morning because I was to be out of the house early and gone for most of the day. Consequently, I fed them a little early tonite. The moors knew the routine and ate every flake in sight but Carter would barely come out from his cover, let alone rise all the way to the surface for his blood worms. He remained relatively immobile despite seeing quite clearly the little plastic box that holds his food and which I hold up to his bowl just before feeding time so he knows it's dinnertime. The moors snatched up everything including what he didn't eat and I eventually stopped trying to lure him out because I was concerned about overfeeding the others. It won't hurt if he goes without tonight but if he skips for more than a day or two I'll have to scoop him out and put him back in his bowl. Hopefully he will have settled in enough overnite to take some breakfast tomorrow.

My original plan for the day was to introduce Carter shortly after breakfast this morning. I had my own to attend as well since Dad gave me two tickets to the American Legion all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast at the VFW for this morning. I called Jon last night to invite him and he was happy to accept but had to be home by 9:30 as Bob and others were coming 'round to pick him up on their way to Mitsuwa. Jon didn't mind me inviting myself along for the trip as he had forgotten to do so when the trip was originally planned so he notified Bob and drove down with me after a hearty meal of breakfasty goodness.

The impromptu Mitsuwa run was a nice sunny spot to my day, emotionally and literally. It was T-shirt weather for the first time this year! I don't mean the kind of weather where the daily high has been in the single digits for three weeks straight and when it finally gets up to thirty-five you feel you can go outside without a winter jacket. I'm talking spring-like weather where wearing more than a layer or two outside in the sun gets uncomfortably warm after a few minutes. It was just beautiful and I'm so glad I took the opportunity to go out on a road trip.

I didn't buy as much as usual since I had already been there a month ago, but I still bought something at all the stores I regularly hit. Jon and I had plenty of time to browse before lunch as we arrived two hours before Bob and company. I found a nice double-decker bento box and small number of useful items at the Yuki Discount Store, as well as the latest untranslated volume of Excel Saga. (Do you underline manga titles? I'm not sure. It's still a book, isn't it?) I also bought Eva: Vox before Bob and Robert cringed in horror and advised me that it was a grave error. The kind people at Asahiya Bookstore allowed me to exchange the CD, despite all the signs proclaiming “No Returns/Exchanges.” I explained that I “accidentally” bought the wrong album and as it was purchased the same day, unopened with the sales receipt they let me swap it for another of the same price. My new choice was a 2 disc live orchestral performance of Eva music. It's playing still in the living room and I am not disappointed. Bob loaned me Eva: Vox from his car on our way out so I could be grateful of what I missed. I haven't played it yet but I'm still willing to give it a fair chance.

I was the only person to know where the Japanese Toys and Games shop had moved to and when I showed it was only a block away we unanimously decided to walk there and enjoy the spring air. This, I feel, was the best part of the day and will remain as a mental Post-It!™ to get out more as long as the weather stays like this.

*Sigh* I'm still a little sick. Most of the cold symptoms have passed but my persistent sore throat has led me to a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. It's not your usual sore throat that commonly comes with the common cold; it's more like I tried to swallow a golf ball. The muscles themselves feel overexerted and the pain has crept slightly up the root of my tongue. It's not fun and mornings are the worst. After a few hours it subsides and is barely noticeable as long as I keep sucking on cough drops or drinking water. This has persisted about two weeks now and concern of infection prompted the appointment. I suppose this means I shouldn't distract myself until four am tonite, collapse into exhaustion and oversleep until lunchtime.

I've promised to post some links but that requires a bit more concentration than I want to muster right now. I'll do them up right when I'm less tired and more fresh.

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