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Taxes are done

I've finally returned home from an early morning appointment at H&R Block to have my taxes done. This is far more quick and convenient than doing it myself and saves a lot of headaches. Things went smoothly overall, despite the fact that I didn't know the property tax breakdown for my rent and we had to call my bank to find out the interest paid on my loan, but we got everything wrapped up in one visit. My deductions are arranged so I always get a return and that more pays for the expense of H&R's services. This year I'm looking forward to a few hundred in State and a thousand or so from the Fed. I've just about had it spent already but I still have time to think about it.

I ran out of chicken soup yesterday at lunch so on the way home this morning I stopped by the store to replenish my stock. In the checkout lane I commented on the hat of the gentleman in front of me which led to a lengthy discussion of religion in politics. He was quite passionate about it and I believed in most of what he said but I'm really not the person to write his book for him. He wants me to find several people to get together and brainstorm a book that will make headway on the separation of church and state in this country. I'm still sick and didn't get much sleep last nite and spent most of the conversation waiting for it to end. I wish him luck on his project but the best person to work on it is himself. I just hope he doesn't recognize my car.

Yesterday was just awful. The epitome of Mondays as I made a couple mistakes that took several people to fix, I didn't even get a break in until 7:30 and ended up staying over fifteen minutes to finish something thrown at me last minute. I didn't get yelled at by management so much as a confused why did you do it this way? so I'm hoping the effects extend no further than that. I also hope Ben doesn't call in sick again as I was very busy yesterday and I would feel much better doing something that doesn't require me to be on my toes when it's enough work just remaining on my feet. I'll go in to work this week as much as I am able. I pretty much have to be puking my pants in order to call in sick and I'm no where near there yet.

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