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One fish, two fish, three fish, new fish

I'm barely awake and in about fifteen minutes I have to leave for work. I sooooo want to go back to sleep right now. I'm not looking forward to this afternoon either as I promised Mom I'd come by to install Windows XP on her computer after formating the hard drive. This in itself shouldn't be a problem, it's downloading and reinstalling all the updates and programs that's going to take forever since the computer is on dial-up. At least I have an excuse to lie down on the couch and nap while I'm there, or possibly just leave early to return later. I'm half-tempted to take the tower home and use my cable modem for the latter but I'm concerned that may be more trouble than it's worth. We'll just have to wait and see.

In other news, Saturday I bought my next two fish. Thea and I went to Pets Mart and picked up two black moor goldfish and five ghost shrimp. The moors are adorable and as I carried them to the register they tickled my hand through the plastic bag. The shrimp are to help keep the tank clean by eating the leftover food that the fish don't. We dumped them all in, went to A-Club and after returning I was pretty much glued to the tank while she played "A Bard's Tale." This is better than TV.

At Club I had the pleasure of seeing miang and tcdohl for the first time in a while. This won't last long tho' as they were mainly there to host Gravitation. I suppose I technically don't need to attend either since I have 2/3 of the series on my computer, but I enjoy attending to watch with all my friends, despite how uncomfortable the chairs are.

Carp, it's time to go to work. Probably not an update tonite as I fully expect to be all carped out from little sleep and a full day.

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