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I'm tired, it's after three, I have lots to do in the morning and I really should be in bed by now but for some reason I'm still online and writing in my journal of all things.

I did get several things accomplished tonite including: wash dishes, acquire valuable website info from Hal, write letters and pay bills. The last one is troublesome because my gas bill is forty dollars more than it was this month last year. This shocked me at first but I narrowed it down to either a mild January in '04 (I don't remember) the fact that my girlfriend has been spending a lot of time here, or both. The water heater makes sense, but I really don't know how much gas that uses. I'll keep my water wastage to a minimum and see how next month fares.

My next credit card bill won't be very happy either. All the B-Fest tickets are still there, along with my big purchase at the Elves' Palace going out of business sale and a bunch of stuff from Petsmart for the aquarium last weekend because I didn't have any blank checks in my checkbook. Silly me. It's going to be tight for a couple weeks but I can get enough groceries tomorrow to live off baloney or PB&J sandwiches for a week or two, just not much else.

All this normally wouldn't bother me as much but there are two important items approaching that I can't put off. One is Acen registration which goes up on Feb 19th for no particular reason and the other is for the Pop Japan Travel tour which apparently can only be paid by credit card. (I don't even know if my limit is high enough.) On a side note, yay! The tour itinerary is up!

I'm stick of talking about money. matt_william! Drop me a line or call so we can talk about Japan... While I'm thinking about it, I sill have to order a couple t-shirts. Both are in kanji. One translates to “Strange foreigner” and the other, “I wish I were Japanese.” I saw them in a catalog but can't seem to find them online. Ramble ramble. I'm getting disjointed. I think it's time for

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