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A small exception...

Tonite I attended the local high school's annual holiday madrigal dinner. Normally I'm not fond of chorale singing, and I'm definitely not fond of christmas or its music, but this is one event that I can enjoy without a grudge toward either one. It's the kind of event that makes me wish I were more active in extracurricular activities during my school years. Perhaps not Madrigals specifically, but I've always enjoyed the band variety show and I've heard there were clubs that would have interested me had I known about them, but at the time I had more reasons to stay away from school outside the hours I was required to be there.

I attended with three friends who are former Madrigals which helped to make it the best of years past. Plus, our table was nearer the stage so I could actually hear what people were saying. I tend to have a problems with mondegreens when I don't hear words clearly, especially in music, so the further back I am, the more incomprehensible it gets. I appreciate clarity and finally found it. Now I need to remember to buy my tickets early next year.

It's always a magical evening and it's hard to believe that the large medieval hall we dine in is, for most of the year, merely a theater. Fake wooden rafters hang from the ceiling, tables draped with linen and fir, the room is lit by oil lamps, candles and phony torches, period style tapestries adorn the walls and the students are all dressed in appropriate clothing of the time. At the front of the room is the stage and the raised table where the 12 Madrigals sit, and dine, and sing, and address the audience while serving wenches file from table to table bringing food, refilling wassail and constantly get yelled at to work faster. Matt's kid sister was the wench for our table --she requested it. Who knows why? -- and we were sure to give her a hard time.

The food was quite good, tho' I've heard it's complexity has waned over the years. During our reign at the school they served Cornish game hens, then it was chicken breasts, now it's chicken stew in a bread bowl. Methinks they're slacking off. I wonder how long it will be before they're serving Ye Ole MacNuggets™. Still, it was very enjoyable with many courses and much entertainment between. Next year, we plan on bringing our own bottle(s) of wassail as one glass is usually all you get.

Usually I get a little down after something like that when I think of what all I missed in school, but not this year. I think it was due to the company and proximity to the stage so I had little time to think about myself. I wonder if it's worth thinking about things like that any more. I wonder what would be different now if I had been more active then. Would I be happier? Would I have more direction in my life? Would my relationships be different? I dunno. And there I go thinking about it. Methinks it's time for a new paragraph.

I feel good right now and I think I'll leave it at that. I only work three days during the week coming up so I have the time off to look forward to. Then seeing my family and grandmother later this month. December is finally starting to look all right again.... We'll see about January...

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that I spent some time talking with my favourite art teacher of all time while waiting in line to enter. He retired two years after I graduated and has been busy doing other things, recently illustrating a book for one of my favourite english teachers. I told him how much I enjoyed his class and building some of the various models he designed like the sailing ships, space ships and airplanes. Mine were never impressive but it was a lot of fun to put them together. Now that I'm older with a bit more skill and eye for detail, I'd like to do things like that again. His wife agreed with me that he should publish the instructions in a book and I told him that if he didn't, I'd have to find out where he lives and get the patterns there. He surprised me by giving me his address and inviting me to come over some time. I expect I'll be calling on them sometime in the near future. It's always nice to have a teacher so kind as he and a delight to be remembered after more than ten years. If it goes well, I may be building a schooner next year ^_~
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