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Tonite I finally set up eDonkey and got it running. Sarah L. introduced me to it last spring or summer as a way of downloading episodes of MST3K and other unreleased TV shows. It's a long and complex process and I've been putting it off until now since I knew I'd need a couple hours to carefully read the FAQs and follow instructions to the letter. As detailed as they were, they still assumed that I knew what certain things were like FTP and IRC and had experience with file sharing programs. But I must have done something right because at this moment I am downloading MST3K episode 508: Operation Double 007 (aka. Operation Kid Brother) starring Neil Connery.

I've been looking for the movie for a long time but I've since heard that it's unlikely to be released on DVD as many of the other episodes. My lamentations brought Sarah to introduce me to the Digital Archive Project. Due to her dial-up connection she was unable to use it but thought it could be useful to me in my search. I don't have much interest in the movie myself, but my mom as a big fan of Sean Connery (older brother) has wanted to see the episode again since the first time we saw it on MST3K when it premiered. If all goes well I will have her birthday gift with plenty of time to spare.

In other news, I finally registered for Acen. This Saturday is the deadline for the $35 admission before it goes up to $40. I really haven't been on the ball about that this year and I don't know why. I plan on going and about the only thing that can prevent me from doing so is the tour to Japan that I'm still planning with matt_william if it happens on the same weekend. I've just checked and they FINALLY have the dates up. Matt, when are you free to call so we can discuss this again?

I'm trying to give away my empty boxes of Pocky on the A-Club forums. I've been collecting the boxes ever since I started eating the stuff just to see how many I would collect. I have since declared the experiment a resounding success and now want to reclaim my cupboard space. I could just throw the boxes away but I'd rather see them recycled somehow. The post prompted a discussion about Pocky but there still haven't been any takers to my offer. If any of you would like some empty Pocky boxes, speak up. I gots plenty.

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