Evil Jim (evil_jim) wrote,
Evil Jim


" It's not in the system yet. Uh, we just opened and are still setting up so please call back in an hour. Sorry."

I just called the Norris box office to order tickets for B-Fest to find that they're not prepared yet. In fact, the fellow who answered even said that event tickets could only be purchased from the box office until I pointed out info in a message from the event organizer and he double checked. So much for my plans of ordering tickets and then falling back to bed for one more hour before getting ready for the day. I made it through on the first call, too.

I'm ordering seven tickets total for the event: for myself, Thea, Sarah L., Sarah B., Colin, Tim and Robert. The last two live in the area and could easily get the tickets themselves but since Tim is driving us through parts of Illinois and using his I-Pass card through the tolls (which will be much more convenient) and is letting all of us crash at his place after the show, I'm happy to do this to help repay the favour.

This year's lineup is posted on the B-Fest website but I'm not looking this time until I get there. All I checked was to see that The Wizard of Speed and Time was playing for sure at 11:30 Friday night. By then I'll still be all hyper and ready for Plan 9 From Outer Space which is what I'm looking forward to the most. (I'm gonna bring all the plates I brought home from last year. Reduce, reuse recycle.)

For now, I'm going to wait another ten minutes and call the box office again. It's been 20 minutes already, despite what this journal entry's time is posts as. Credit card and cordless phone are handy. Now if only I had the sleep.

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. My account expired and I upgraded just now. Too late! All but three of my userpics are gone. Darn it!!

P.S.S. 12:12 PM While waiting for the box office to answer with ANYTHING but their voice mail message (which includes a list of upcoming events but not B-Fest for some reason) I've found an eBay Item from the mastermind behind Cockeyed.com. It's worth checking out for the questions from other buyers section.

P.S.S. 1:20 PM Still nothing but recordings but this time it's differenty. The box office will be closed until two o'clock which means I cna't try again until tomorrow. (Long distance calls from work is a no-no.) The friendly female voice indicated that tickets for B-Fest are still available on Martin Luther King day (oh yeah) and after two. (MLK day is one of those holidays that I don't notice until I'm inconvenienced by them.) I'll try again tomorrow and if I still only get a machine leave a message asking them to hang on to seven tickets until I can actually get through with my CC number. For now, it's off to (ugh) ... work.

Oh, and I just noticed that I have access to all my user icons now. *whew*

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