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Belated holiday greetings

[blows dust off journal's cover]

A lot has happened since the last time I've been faithful to this journal but I doubt I'll cover all of it. It's been difficult to balance my time with the people and things I want to do and projects that are the easiest to ditch are the first to suffer. I've still been able to read most of your journal entries so I'm not entirely out of touch.

The New Year stuff was awesome. On the eve of Thea and I had dinner with my folks with their annual cheese fondue thing. I gave Mom my eight year old cheddar to use in the sauce and it was utterly ambrosial. (It was actually 7yr cheddar, but I bought it a year ago and never used it so...) We dipped French bread and complimented with chicken cordon bleau. I really need to do this more than once a year.

After dinner she had to go home to clean tanks so I went to Bob-san's New Year's shindig alone. It was pretty much the same as the year before with the same number of people and same... well, people. They were just starting up the CSI board game when I entered so I got to share in the confusion as the rules were read. I watched that for a bit, ate snacks, chatted with people I hadn't seen since last semester, had some snacks, showed off some stuff I'd found on the Internet, snacked, and counted down the last few seconds of 2004 with everyone else. http://time.gov was clogged so we couldn't use it during those last vital moments, but we were close enough. Bob was the first to give up on CSI out of boredom and it collapsed soon after that. They were starting another, significantly more interesting game when I left. I would have stayed but I had a shindig of my own to host the next day.

The First Great Evathon went out great. Tom was first and showed up at about ten after ten. Evidently his alarm didn't go off. Anyway, while we were about to settle in Joe arrived, and as I was helping him park, Eric pulled up. I've never met Eric before but he'd seen my invite on the A-Club mailing list and found his way here. So the first episode was a little late but we had a full couch. And, as luck would have it, Anjean called enroute and throughout episode two I directed her through town to my house. And so, the six of us including Thea watched episodes 1-24 nonstop through the day. I say up to 24 because by then it it was nine and freezing rain was coating everything with a thick coat of ice. All the windows on the east side of my house were frosted. Plus, people had work and stuff the next day and Anjean had 120 miles left to drive that night, despite my insistences that she stay through the storm. So we were left without the grand finale: End of Evangelion and </i>Death and REdeath</i>. Still, a splendid time was had by all. I had plenty of snacks available and everyone ate like PenPen so I wasn't stuck with too many leftovers.

Other than that it's been back to work and stuff. I'm working on the SWE's annual gift box in hopes to get it finished and mailed as soon as possible. I'm combining it with what I was going to send shortly after Acen because it took so long to get Jon to translate some Japanese for me. My handwriting in kanji sucks so I wrote out the entire thing last night as practice. It took an hour but at least the final version will look like I actually know what I'm doing.

Live Journal has been sending me reminders that my account is expiring on the 15th. I'm gonna wait until then to send them more money but it's nice to know that I've kept this up for more than a year. I say more than a year because I started with a free account in December before upgrading a month later. Yes, I unceremoniously passed my one year anniversary last month but I was pretty busy anyway. I'm pleased that it inspired matt_william to begin a journal of his own. (now if only he would update more often, HINT HINT.)

Moving on to another broken paragraph: I need new calendars. Half Price Books gives them away with purchases of more than $20. They have coupons in the back and are printed on paper easy to write on so once I get a new one it will be my kitchen calendar for notes. Somehow HPB obtained Masumune Shirow calendars last year. Mom informed me of this and I snagged one of the last two. I found another and different calendar (which I thought at the time from the packaging that it was an art book) at Acen by the same artist and hung them in my living and computer rooms. Now I keep looking at the old calendars whenever I need to reference one and it's messing me up. Someone remind me to buy new darn calendars this weekend, would'ja?

It's almost late o'clock and I don't feel like proofreading so I'm gonna sign off. I have some links for you but they deserve a better intro. And what the hell is that music??!

- E V I L O U T -

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