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Evil Jim

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12:22 pm: Mostly complaints about snow
Oh the weather outside is crappy
And inside we're all unhappy...

Anyway, I finished shoveling my driveway about 20 minutes ago. The process took less than an hour which is interesting because Yesterday it took just as long for only a couple inches. I guess I'm back in the shoveling groove again which is much more pathetic than it actually sounds.

I'm not looking forward to more of this. I can handle cold and bleak and dark but snow is just a pain in the as always, I'm annoyed. Idiots in trucks and SUVs make the world dangerous and when the roads are clear and dry, there's so much salt that if someone changes lanes in front of you your paint is sandblasted away. Anyway, I hope this last bout holds off for a while. The white shit snow looks nice when it's off the roads and out of the way. Getting it there is the problem.

I've been so damned lethargic lately. No drive to do anything, even write in my journals. I'm so far behind on my dead-tree journal it's not even funny. It doesn't help that Tick is loaning me Katamari Damashii. However, I did manage to get some practice in on constructing stunt planes. I see that not all my skill has gone the way of the dodo and it shouldn't take many more to really improve on some of my ideas. Last night I redrew and cut the landing gear so it isn't lopsided any more, a mistake made during it's original design that I hadn't noticed until now. I'll try more when there's time.

Now it's time for lunch. I see I still have some turkey and stuffing left from Xmas. Don't worry, I'll burn it.

- E V I L O U T -

Current Mood: warmig up
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