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Evil Jim

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01:50 am: Fine, fine, fine
My illness has passed and I can now eat and pass solid foods once again. And there was much rejoicing. Thea is on her way too but not as fast. Probably due to the fact that she's 70 lbs lighter than me and ate more of the questionable food on Sunday. Still, recovery is imminent.

Cleaned the bathroom counters and toilets tonite before nearly passing out from ammonia fumes. Decided to shower and call it a night since all that's left is some heavy-duty tidying. Still need to send out a reminder to the a-club list about the Eva-thon since no one has responded yet.

There. I just took a couple minutes to do that. Now I guess I'll slack off until I hit the sack and try to get up early enough to accomplish something in the morning.

- E V I L O U T -

Current Mood: lazylazy
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