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Yes, I'm still alive.

Finally I am able to write once again after widely sporadic postage. It's a good news/bad news situation because GN: Thea finally got a job after three weeks of “we'll call tomorrow”. BN: This will pretty much leave us only weekends to visit. Great, just when I've gotten used to having company on a regular basis. But anyway, luck you for getting more entries on your Friends page. I still need to update my dead-tree journal which really needs updating now that I've decided to keep that up-to-date as well. It's easy when I'm day-to-day on it but then I miss a couple, the world blows up and there's so much to get down when I'm back to it. Maybe tomorrow.

Grandma called today to chat and find out what I want for X-mas. There wasn't much I could think of that I wouldn't rather purchase for myself plus, I'm not fond of the holiday anyway so I think I can safely expect money and more food items again this year. One difference this time around will be the inclusion of Thea in my family doings since Grandma invited her when I passed the phone to introduce them. I'm really looking forward to this as for the past 27 years (or at least for as long as I can recall) it's just been the same six or seven of us that get together for the day. I know she's nervous about suddenly being in the middle of a bunch of people she doesn't know but they're good people and I think we'll all have a splendid time together.

I requested to use the last of my vacation time at work for New Year's Eve. In years past we've always had to work and this year is no different but I really didn't feel like going in again, even if they do let us off early if work is caught up. I don't have any really big plans except for a date and then cheese fondue with the folks later that evening. I really enjoy the fondue tradition and will continue in my own family once I get a pot. [jots down a reminder to shop for one soon]

The big plans for that holiday will be New Year's Day which is looking more and more like the day when I will hold THE GREAT NEON GENESIS EVANGELION MARATHON at the House of Evil. It's still tentative but I'm pretty sure that will be the day as long as I can get more than a handful of people to show. I have a 18” (or so) TV and Thea has been kind enough to loan me her PS2 so I should be set. All I need to do is clean the house for company and write up detailed driving directions to the House. I would have posted on Uberbaka already but it seems to be down. When I able to write a little more concisely I will use the Club's mailer to hit everyone with a warning.

Received the company holiday gift tonite after work which was a surprise seeing as how there was none at all last year (with no warning, explanation or apology, yet.) It's a tool kit. I haven't opened it yet but it's pretty heavy. Probably semi-quality stuff but I doubt I'll be using it every day. I already have tools and I hardly need them as it is. I don't know why they don't just give us checks, that would be so much nicer. Checks, or cash, or just a bonus on the next paycheck. Stuff like this and gift certificates are pointless to me. I receive a $20 gift certificate to East or West Towne Mall for each quarter I work with perfect attendance. The only times I've gone to the mall in the past couple years were to spend those gift certificates. Just give me twenty bucks, will ya people? Geez!

Ah crap. I've been agonizing all week about needing to write in my journals and now I don't have much to say. Let's see how much I can squeeze out...

I have a CD that's maturing before the end of the year. I'm having trouble deciding on whether I should cash and throw it at my mortgage (killing it by nearly a third) or leave it in for another three years. This is very difficult for me because it's probably not even my money that started it, meaning that my parents must have opened it when I was little. It may be in my name but I don't feel it's my money because I haven't earned it. I also don't know how many other CDs I have out there which isn't good. In an emergency I may need that money for something more important than mortgage (knee repair comes to mind.) I have to call household superhero Middle Aged Man (aka Dad) to talk about it.

Wrote a pantoum a few days ago. It's a Malaysian poem written from the inside-out and a fun challenge to put together. I'd post it here if I didn't believe I could make it better with a little more work. It's reminiscent of Lovecraft but has some original qualities that I'm rather fond of. When I post mine, I'll share the formula in hopes that it becomes a meme.

Damn. Things to add are coming to me but while writing the previous paragraphs so once I get to some blank space it's gone.

Tick and Lindsay visited the other night and we watched Vol 2 of Kill Bill. It was quite good. In fact, I liked it more than the original. The entire story is good, but this contained less violent bloody action and more plot. I may be picking this up eventually and definitely the soundtrack. I'm sure Tick will know where to find it.

Next, I'm going to subject them to The Wizard of Speed and Time which matt_wiliam was kind enough to give me before his departure to warmer climes. I watched with Thea Sunday night and tho' apprehensive at first (“Oh god, you're showing me a movie about Scott??”) it quickly grew on her and before the movie ended it was officially “awesome!” As soon as it was over I showed her WizWorld where she e-mailed Mike Jittlov. I really need to get more people to see this movie.

I hope y'all enjoyed the second installment of intercepted letters to Santa. I didn't get much of a response this time but it was fun to write. It was easy: I basically thought, What would Strong Bad say?

Wow, jumping topics tonite.

Almost finished editing that Lawrence Block CD for Dad. Well, maybe halfway through. It would be easy enough to burn the entire thing to disk as is but I want Dad to be able to jump to any part. Since he was there when it was recorded I'm sure he'll appreciate his brief talk with Block as its own track. I should probably get to that tonite while I'm still up and if I don't see the SWE. I really hope I get a chance to talk to her before she's off to L.A. (if she isn't already.) We've barely had a chance to visit in the past three or so weeks and I feel bad about not being so available. Hmm. Maybe I should have started another paragraph there.

Anyway, I hope Jon gets off his butt and finishes that translation like he agreed to three months ago so I can finally send her the much belated A-Cen gift package. I don't know what's taking him so long. I hate it when I have to rely on someone else for something and they constantly forget and put it off for their own convenience regardless of how important it is to me.

As long as I'm complaining, Eric is seven weeks late in updating like he had promised. *sigh*

Anyway, I'd bett... Whups. I said that already. Since it's been 1,440 words I guess I should get to work.

- E V I L O U T -

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