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Evil Jim

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06:00 pm: Dad's B-day and Chad's D-day
Just got in from an afternoon with the folks. Dad's birthday was Friday so Mom and I took him out to see National Treasure and then dinner at the Green Lantern. We stopped on State Street to see the holiday tree in the capitol building but the doors close at four on Sunday which was exactly when we arrived. At least we got to disappoint several hordes of schoolchildren by telling them the news as we passed them on their way up.

The movie was pretty good, especially if you don't know things like a ship trapped in arctic ice for 200 years would be pulverized and gunpowder and oil from that period wouldn't work anymore. As well as other errors, glaring or otherwise. It was a good sleuthing movie however, except that too much time was wasted on chase scenes and gunbattles.

Since we couldn't get into the capitol building we poked around in the shiny new Overture Center before it closed for the day. I got to ooh and ahh at the origami display and balk at the outrageous prices on those works. I really wanted to run around and explore more but 1. my folks were there with me which always slows that sort of thing down and 2. they closed not long after we entered. So instead we headed out to an early dinner.

The food was good and since I drove us around the capitol area mom covered for me. I ordered a little too much not knowing the servings would be so generous so I ended up taking a portion of my pit ham home. While dining I unveiled the three most significant life-changing events I'd come into lately. 1. matt_william moved to Louisiana this weekend, which they were surprised to hear since I haven't been around much to tell them the developing story of his vacation there and application at Gamespot. 2. I have a girlfriend, which they seemed happy about. My folks don't dig around much in my personal life so I didn't get grilled or anything. Besides, they already know and like her. 3. On January 31nd Chad and his roommate Traci will be getting married.


That was pretty much my reaction too. Here, I don't see hide nor hair of him for months and I come home last night to a message on my answering machine with the above news. I was gape-jawed for a few minutes, up through a second listen to of the message. He asked me to call him back today at noon but there was no answer either time I tried. I'll call once more when finished with this entry with a hearty old "WTF?"

Last meet of A-Club was last night and I enjoyed it tremendously. It's the show I look forward to all semester because it's the grand finale of all the series (except by fluke this time) and people do a little something special like bring food. Megan and Margret wore excellent costumes of Chrno and Rosamaria, of which I didn't get good photos of because they left before the show started.

I made an announcement after Comic Party about my upcoming Eva-thon this winter and to stay tuned. I don't have much else planned other than that it will happen sometime during the break. I've already acquired an 18" (or so) TV from the generous Matt and all I need is a DVD player which Thea might be able to loan me (something about her video game system being compatible.) Right now I'm thinking of New Year's day since it's a weekend and a holiday so no one has any good excuse for not attending.

My Evil has been noted once again for the mere thought of showing the entire series of Neon Genesis Evangelion and complimented for finishing it with End of Eva. It just ocurred to me that a New Year's Day showing might include guests who aren't feeling quite right in the head from partying the night before. All the better reason to hold it that day! Bwaaahahahahaaa!!!

Then there's the Tick-a-Thon which I must re-organize with my lovely co-hostess tlhinganhom. Nearly any Saturday up through January should be good. Better sooner than later, I say.

Hmm, what more? I really should get going on those dishes. I don't like to see them piling up like that. The place doesn't look too bad but with less time to clean and tidy these days it could go downhill fast if I'm not careful.

Whee, dishes.

- E V I L O U T -

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Date:December 13th, 2004 01:27 pm (UTC)
January should be good. Doing my best to have a job by then. Sorry about the delay; life sucks sometimes.
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Date:December 13th, 2004 08:25 pm (UTC)
No prob. The best of luck to you!
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