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"Goodbye" and other changes

I have just returned home after saying goodbye to matt_william. It was sad yet heartwarming to see him again one last time. We had breakfast at the Sunrise restaurant in town and went over to his place so I could pick up the television I bought from him as well as the Hitchhikers Guide radio programme. He was thoughtful enough to give me an early Christmas gift of David Byrne's Uh Oh and my very own DVD of The Wizard of Speed & Time I gave him a tin of homemade cookies on behalf of Thea and told him of my birthday gift to him of upgrading his Live Journal to a paid account so HE CAN KEEP IT UPDATED. ^_~

I surprised myself by getting choked up just before I left but I really shouldn't be. He's been one of my closest friends for at least 20 years now. In fact, I've known him for so long that I can't remember specifically when we met, just that we were in the same Cub Scout den together. He's been so close for so long that it was difficult to bid him farewell so yeah, I'm a little choked up about it. I saw in the rear view mirror that he stayed outside and watched as I drove away out of sight. I don't know when we'll see each other again.

But this is hopefully for the better. His new job opportunity sounds promising and quite a step up from his previous position as video store jocky. I don't know much about Game Spot but I'm sure I'll learn soon enough. I'm looking forward to hearing how he makes the trip and settles in. Next Friday will be his one year anniversary with Live Journal and I hope to see many more entries. Good luck, Matt! I'll miss you. And happy birthday!

In other news, my posts have been few and far apart. Having a girlfriend will do that.

After being out of touch for a few years we exchanged contact info at a mutual friend's party and have been getting closer ever since. Even tho' we've both grown and matured in that absence she's still Thea and someone I've always been very fond of. I look forward to making her happy.

So anyway, no regular posts for a while unless her current job search lands her on first shift which will pretty much leave us with weekends. Fortunately, she's an anime fan so it won't be hard to persuade her to Club on Saturdays.

What else is new? Last Friday (December 3st) Thea and I went to a birthday party at a Funeral home. I'm serious. Anjean's uncle runs the place which boasts a death-themed 9 hole golf course in the basement. Yes, I'm serious. Apparently he built it as a place for his family to stay and be entertained on their visits since he lives so far away. It's also offered as part of a funeral package and used by other organizations for business or play.

It was far away from me too being more than a two hour drive down to the Chicago area and past Mitsuwa. Mapquest directions worked out well to get there but finding the actual building was a small problem when the addresses went down to zero without including the one we needed. We called Anjean for directions to find that she hadn't even left home yet. At least I didn't have to worry about being late. She wasn't sure how to help us find the place either but a gas station attendant was helpful enough to show the way. We soon found that after the numbers went to zero they went up again and about a block after I turned around the first time there it was. It was six when we entered (the shindig scheduled to start at five) but we were still the first. We waited in the lobby for fifteen minutes, the silence punctuated only by the tocking of an enormous grandfather clock, before deciding to wait downstairs where all the action would be.

Two turns in a downward staircase brought us to a small sitting room through which we passed to the game room. My eyes bugged when I saw the place. The golf course takes up much of the basement and is the featured attraction. Each hole has some morbid feature or obstacle such as a skull you need to jump over to reach the hole, a castle gate with an ever dropping guillotine as its portcullis, a haunted house that will deposit bad shots into a 1-2 stroke penalty graveyard, a big damn coffin and more.

Besides the golf course there was floor shuffleboard, table shuffleboard, bumper pool, ping-pong, pinball and probably more that I didn't get to. While we waited for the rest to arrive we looked around and I checked out the video games. I was overjoyed to find a working arcade stand up of Lunar Lander. The controls were nothing like I expected (having first fallen for the game in a MAME ROM) but I adapted quickly. Were it not for the dimness of the ancient CRT within I may have made further progress before everyone else showed up.

It was good to see Anjean again since we've only met in person a handful of times. The first thing we did was play golf (and I still haven't added our scores yet) and then shuffleboard. There were about ten of us all together and most of which were anime fans. It was a blast and well worth the long drive down and back.

Before we left we gave her our gift: a basket containing candles, hand cream and other scented delights (Thea's contribution) and Rejected (my contribution.) It went over well and I think she'll enjoy the DVD since Steve and I got her interested when I visited them at the orchard in September. I invited her to come up and visit anytime when hopefully I can finally show her the neat stuff around here like House on the Rock and State Street. Or maybe just one of my upcoming 'thons.

Oh, random good news: The Bristol Renaissance fair hasn't been canceled since changing hands. *Whew!*

Wow, I'm running out of material already?

Oh yeah! Went to Mitsuwa on Sunday and drug sacredspud, Tom, Lindsay & Tick, the two latter having never been there before. I encouraged everyone to bring two CDs as our communal music library so we wouldn't be stuck listening to just my stuff. I've done this before and think it works well so I'll be suggesting it again in future.

So for the second time in almost in as many days I was driving the 120 miles back to Illinois on the same roads to almost the same place. A round trip costs nearly an entire tank of fuel but I wouldn't have gone if I was trying to be frugal. I bought lots of groceries (mostly candy) and paid half of what I expected. I also found a lot of useful stuff at the Yuki Discount Store and a bowl and couple teacups at the dish store. I've learned from experience that if you see something you like at the dish store get it then and there because their stock changes frequently (or at least, in between my visits.) The bookstore yielded a lovely handmade greeting card for the SWE and the lastest untranslated volume of Excel Saga. I'm glad I asked about the cards because the ones I was thinking about purchasing were for specific occasions. Specific significantoccasions like funerals and weddings. Mine is intended for neither. All I need is a translation from Shimatta and I can send it off (months late, but at least it's almost ready.)

I would have been crushed to find the the toy store was gone and that area of the mall was utterly vacant had Anjean not warned me ahead of time and directed me to find their new location a block away. That was our last stop and after two rousing rounds of DDR vs Lindsay I browsed to my content and purchased a Hidamari no Tami who wouldn't let me leave without it. Kawai!

I could go on but I believe instead I'll link to sacredspud's observations on the day. For now I must find lunch and attemtp to survive the rest of the day on 3 ½ hours of sleep.

[falls over]

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