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What happened to my free time?

Note: This entry is 2,000+ words. To help you get through it you may prefer reading in jive.

Geez. Finally FINALLY I am able to write. It's been driving me nuts these past few days because I haven't had time to make a significant entry. A lot has been going on and I've been having friends drop by more often than usual in the evenings so by the time I'm free again I'm ready for precious sleeeep. It's eleven now which should give me ample time to write before searching for the SWE.

Bad news first: The great Tick-a-Thon has been canceled. Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond her control our lovely hostess tlhinganhom was forced to ask to postpone the thon a couple weeks. We've both been very excited about this ever since we began planning and having to cancel last-minute makes it even more of a bummer. But fear not! Even tho' it won't be this Friday as originally planned, we're still determined to follow it through. All we need is another date to agree on. Hopefully I've been able to reach everyone I have invited so far and this entry should cover anyone I may have forgotten. More to come when more comes.

And now the worse news: It appears that matt_william will be moving out of state within a month. I don't know all the details but it sounds like the prospect of a better job awaits him, as well as a warmer climate and a long needed change of scenery. I knew he has been considering this and had applied for for a manager position at Gamestop there but I've also been subconsciously dreading the outcome. I've known him so long that I can't remember when or where we met. It's been at least 20 years and to have my oldest friend moving so far away fills me with a mix of emotions that are difficult to to describe; dread, sadness, hope, excitement – it's weird. But to do anything but support his decision would be selfish and I can only cheer him on to what I hope will be a better life. I know he hasn't been very happy lately, one look at his journal will show that, even if it tends to overlook the positive things. This change may be what it takes to turn things around. It worked for Chad, whom I miss but am still able to visit thanks to the Internet. So good luck Matt! And don't forget to return my Full Metal Panic DVD before you go.

Now some good news: My credit card company has resolved the fraud issues with Columbia House, credited my account and removed all charges pertaining to the dispute. I must remember to call the rep who took care of it to say thank you. Dealing with my credit card company was much easier than those bastards at Columbia House – they were also much more courteous -- but I still would have liked to have sacredspud pull a hit for me.

I finally finally got my prints back through walmart.com of D.C. and the state capitol building. Four inch prints cost 19 cents which I feel is reasonable, despite ordering more than 300, total. One of the things I need to do before Thursday morning (that my frequent visitors have been delaying) is sort these by day. They arrived randomly and I'm a stickler for putting prints in chronological order. I already have the capitol pics taken care of but D.C. will be harder. I figure I'll spread them out on the living room floor and refer to my ordered image files on Elvira when needed. I'm happy to have them all back now, even if a number are blurry because it was my first week with the camera (I still can't figure out most of the functions but I have the basics down.)

I've been visiting with Thea often now that she's not working. We're taking this opportunity to do some brainstorming on the webcomic that she has roped me in to writing for. It's still taking me some getting used to considering the terms we were on when last we saw each other on a regular basis but we're getting along famously now and I'm not worried. We've both gotten a little nuttier since and I think it helps.

We have a general idea down for the comic story and its world setting but still need some characters and their personal motivations. I haven't been coming up with anything but I'm trying not to force my muse if he doesn't want to play yet. It will be easier once I have more material to work with. During the meanwhilst I can check out getting a webpage started, both for me and the comic once it exists. I found a Post-it!™ with the name and password I need to access my webspace account. I haven't tried it yet but from what I recall, it should be what I need for now.

She is still practicing her hand at sketching and gave me a great drawing as a thank you for treating for her birthday last week. We went to Ho-Chunk for the evening where she played the nickel and penny slots. I don't like gambling (except with lives) and would have better spent my time in the arcade were I alone but I did eventually decide to risk one quarter. Since we were surrounded by slots I decided it had to be on a machine with real rollers instead of a video display and it had to have a one-armed bandit handle. Well, the handle was just for show but I still lined up enough bars to win me four dollars! I cashed out immediately and was ready to move on but when I stepped away I found another quarter on the floor in front of the machine! Why can't I have this sort of luck playing the lottery?!

With Thanksgiving coming up and the family not going to Grandma's this time we've split tasks and each of us are bringing something so Mom doesn't have to shoulder all the burden. My contribution is cranberry sauce since it's easy and, well, really easy. (bachelor writing, remember?) I decided to bring both kinds that we usually enjoy, being cooked and raw cranberry relish. I did them both last nite and they both turned out well. The relish required a bag of cranberries and one orange and tastes more like the latter than the former but it's edible. I don't remember how Grandma's tastes so we'll see. I'll have to warn everyone before they try it tho', because I was using a wooden spoon to stir it into the blender since it wasn't chopping easily and, well, I ruined a good spoon.

Lunch with Jen tomorrow. This is significant because we haven't visited in person since October of last year. I still don't know exactly why she's been alienating me but the reasons she gives don't seem adequate enough. It's not worth getting worried or upset about it any more. Maybe this is just where she wants the friendship to go. To be brutally honest, I mainly want to get my CD cases and my dad's books on tape back since she's had them all this time. I guess I'll find out tomorrow what happens from there.

Ahh. It feels good to finally get all this out.

Eric really needs to update more. He last posted on Halloween saying that for the next three weeks he would be posting three new adventures, one a week. There has been nothing since. I love his website and his work and I can't hold a grudge against him because of how much I enjoy it but I do wish he would keep his promises about updating. I check nearly every day (for obvious reasons) and it gets frustrating to see time pass with no change. You may have noticed I've been using the dragon icons more often lately and that's part of it. I still have faith that he will update with new emotions someday, sometime, and believe you me, you will hear about it here.

I've been enjoying my new look ever since Halloween. Thanks to those who voted in my little poll a little while back. I was quite surprised at the results as I would have voted for “Evil Before.” I'm still not used to the face in the mirror, handsome, tho', he may be. But people seem to like it. It makes me wonder what they sincerely thought of my previous image. Yes, I know the long hair was ill trimmed and didn't go well with a handlebar, but I had planned last summer exactly when I would hack it. And I'd had a mustache for several years before I gave up haircuts so still, I wonder. I'm not done changing my look but it'll do for now.

Even tho' I've been wearing contacts for a couple months, I still got a new pair of glasses. I'm very happy with them because it was a plan that worked well all the way through to the end. You see, I've always preferred the round lenses, ever since grade school when I had to wear glasses for a little while to correct a vision problem I've wanted round lenses (parents probably thought they were impractical or too expensive when they had to pay for them.) They were easy enough to find 9 years ago when I got my first real pair but now the narrow lenses have taken over and new frames in my favourite style are few and far between. The ones I have now were the last the manufacturer had and they discontinued the style. Bruce, my main man at my optometrists, suggested eBay which, surprisingly enough, I hadn't even thought of. The first week of my search I found and won some antique eyeglasses in the right shape with wire bows that I've always wanted to try. Cost: $25. Bruce happens to collect antique eyeglasses and was happy to work with them. He replaced a bow (that was obviously not the original) free of charge and put them in the ultrasound tank to clean the tarnish of years. They came out shiny and beautiful! It turns out, they are covered with a “thick layer of 24 karat gold” as he put it. He also said that they're sturdier than most glasses you can find today new. Again, I am very happy with these and prefer them over all the other eyeglasses I've had to use. They're more comfortable, probably harder to break considering how I usually remove glasses, and a nice change.

Wow. Finally running out of things to day. It's still a good thing I didn't keep a list over the weekend or I'd be here all night.

I must remember to go in to work on Thursday. I'm working seven to eleven and then seven to eleven again. I volunteered to work two four-hour shifts which should work well around Thanksgiving dinner and keep me from a turkey-induced couch-coma. It should be easy work considering it will be only three of us there working with a lighter than usual workload. I'm still getting holiday pay for that day and with an additional time-and-a-half it will work out nicely for my next paycheck. Now that my credit card stuff is taken care of I can pay that bill and add a little extra for ordering Comic Party and the platinum edition of Eva. Did I mention that along with the notification of resolution they gave me a $600 increase in credit?

Whew! I could write more but I think I'll stop for now. I'd like to write more thoughts, feelings and observations than just lists of what I did over the days but I really needed to write... anything really, just to do so. It feels good. Anyway, you may now return to your exciting lives.

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  • Midwest Gaming Classic 2008 (mostly pinball)

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