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Dear anime, please forgive me if I don't stay long today...

lj user reishka I found this avitar in a friend of a friend's journal and liked it enough to share here. From the post Nov 2st entries I've seen I think a few of you may too.

I have a longer entry coming up but I should wait until I'm awake and don't feel like crap before attempting to start on that. For now, I'm just glad to have remembered enough coding to place the above image just where I wanted without consulting W3 Schools to figure out how.

Ugh. After I click "update" I'm going to watch a little anime until I don't feel so ill, mash together some leftovers for lunch and then do some housecleaning to prepare for the Tick-a-Thon this Friday. Oh, I need to take some fry photos sometime today too. Considering I slept until noon and stayed in bed until one -- after being awake for nearly 26 hours, I might add -- let's see how far I get past the "watch anime" part.

- E V I L O U T -

Update: 3:20
After an episode and a half of Invader Zim I have both the washer and dryer running, as well as the oven and one burner on the stove. I'm starting to feel a little productive now. It helps to be too bored and indecisive to watch DVDs.

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