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It's not even winter yet

So I called my friend tonite after work who answered again (!!) and we had a long chat. Turns out she was visiting a friend out of town for two weeks, then had company at her place for a week and was sick somewhere in there too. It's a good thing I called because she'll be leaving again next week for ten more days to visit family out of state. She'd heard all the messages I'd left over the past couple months and it bothers me that she didn't answer any of them but I didn't press the matter. I'll wait and see if there's something I didn't find out tonite. At least I don't have to worry like I have been.

So... it's coming from the sky again. I dread it, and it happens every year. I don't like it. I can't even stand to say its name until we're so saturated with it that you can't look anywhere without catching some of it in glace. The ground (and the streets, and my car) is once again covered with that accursed white $#!+. I heard rumorsfrom the laughing weathermen but I hoped it would hold off until Friday when I had some cash money to spare.

I bought a shovel today. It's big, made of aluminumand still shiny. I knew I would need it months ago but couldn't bring myself to admit it until today. Had to use my credit card and took the new scoop with me in the back seat to work because the hardware store was on the way. It didn't take long before I knew I would need it once I got home. It did come in handy to clear off the steps up to my front door but there was no sense of satisfaction in the job. I know I will need it for many, many hours in the frigid months ahead to remove the genetic material of hundreds of frozen men from my driveway, less the carrot noses, of course. sigh

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