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A pre-Thanksgiving birthday

As company doesn't seem to be dropping by tonite and I'm pretty much caught up on my chores it appears as tho' I actually have time for an update!

I'm a little surprised that Lindsay and Tick haven't dropped by in a few days as it's become a twice a week thing recently. They usually stay for a couple hours while we chat and watch anime and when they leave I'm more into checking my updates and chatting with the SWE than writing other things. It's an input/output kind of thing. More input Stephanie! More input!
In the past week I've visited with Thea more times than the previous five years. It's a good feeling to renew an old friendship and it seems mutual. We have a good time together and now it's as if nothing weird ever happened.

I've been taking pictures of her seahorses' fry (babies) so she can document their growth. They're about half and inch long and only two and a half weeks old which is apparently unusual. I'm using my new digital camera so we can get them onto a CDRW and then her computer as quick as she wants so she can boast to other seahorse lovers on their development. I don't mind helping out and it's fun to watch them seeing as previously I've only seen them on nature programs and books.

Thea also wants to start a webcomic and apparently I'm going to help. Once she's back up to speed with her drawing skills she'll do the artwork and I'm going to write. We knocked around a couple ideas when she dropped by last night but all we got was some silly stuff for the first few comics to serve as an introduction. She likes mecha which I'm not very familiar with and the best ideas I have right now aren't really suited to comic form. I did write a couple brief scripts during the “Pathways to Health” meeting tonite but again, it's more to introduce the creators then an actual plot. We'll see how this develops. It's not the first time I've agreed to help someone on a creative project. The last two died right after the initial brainstorming session so again, we'll see. Part of why I am devoid of ideas may be due to these and other projects that I've invested a lot of time and creativity into only to watch them die because the others involved stopped contributing. I can think of two D&D characters right away but I don't want to get into that.

Despite all that, I'm still excited about this. For my own lack of ideas for quite some time now I've been looking for other creative outlets that may help my poor muse out of his coma. I've asked a couple friends about collaborating on a story but even if they're interested nothing comes of it. It's getting scary. I used to get great ideas all the time and have something new every week but now I don't seem to have the inspiration to follow through on the initial concept. I have two GREAT ideas for Oklahoma Jim stories that I just can't get out through my arm onto the page. But those take a great deal of energy to get going and keep going well and it's been a while since I could get into something like that. But Thea seems genuinely interested in this project which gives me hope. She mentions it almost every time we talk and usually brings her sketchbook along when she visits. It's even beginning to give me the bug to start sketching again after I don't know how long. I found my old, barely used sketchbook and looked few it a few times before finally saying to myself, “I can do this again.” I may even buy the first volume of the How to Draw Manga series and get some proper training. It's something else that may help my writing.

Hmm. Methinks becoming more involved with the web will mean learning how to create, upload and manage my own website rather than putting it off, forgetting about it and watching more anime.

The “Pathways to Health” meeting was at nine o'clock at work and I wasn't really interested in attending. There was one last spring which wasted an hour telling us that we can use the first aid book they gave us to treat minor injuries without going to the emergency room. This time was more of the same; you could have summed up the 40 minutes with “eat right, exercise and see your doctor regularly to live longer.” I spent the time writing the aforementioned sketches and waiting for the minute hand to raise. One interesting part of the meeting was when lump testing kits were passed around. Or rather, I was recruited to pass around lump testing kits. (Everyone seemed amused that I whipped them across the room rather than delivering them.) It was a small zip-lock baggie with a ping-pong-sized ball of cyberskin. If that wasn't disturbing enough there were various sized beads inside representing cancer which we were supposed to learn to recognize by touch. I only found one but since there were supposed to be three I kept on searching until I popped one right out of the ball. I put it away after that but now I not only know how to find cancer in the skin, I can remove it too!

After the meeting they passed out our Thanksgiving “gifts.” In the past it was always a gift certificate good for about $20 at participating local grocery stores. Last year there was naught (as well as the company holiday gift) so I was genuinely surprised when I heard that there would be something. I was hoping for another gift certificate so I could unload my seasonal guilt by donating it to the local food pantry but unless it was a novelty sized check rolled up the long boxes we received didn't look very promising. I waited until I got home to open it for fear of embarrassing myself with excited squealing in front of my coworkers. What I received was a Calphalon stainless-steel turkey baster and four nasty looking little pitchforks with no additional information on what the latter are for. I suppose they're involved in cooking a turkey but I've been involved in the preparation more than setting the table. I suppose I could check the cookbook that I just remembered they gave us along with the cooking tools but when am I ever gonna cook a turkey. At least, when this year? I'm tempted to give the turkey baster to Thea since that's how she feeds her seahorses but I kinda like the idea of it being stainless steel. It looks like serious business, as if to say “Don't mess with me, mac, or I'll puff air into your eye!”

Oh yeah, the company dinner was last night. I cut out early since there was no way I would be productive after eating my weight in buttered foodstuffs. I took my time and tried to sample everything. I was the last person there (save upper and upper upper management) but noone accosted me to get back to work. By the time everyone else was gone I was already off the clock. I could elaborate but it was pretty much the same as last year

Thanksgiving this year will be at my folks' house rather than Grandma's. At 82 years old it's quite a chore for her to do everything on her own and for a change she would like to come down here to visit. I didn't realize until recently that she was disappointed that so many family gatherings are held at her place. I thought she didn't like to travel long distances but a couple hours in a car is no problem. I guess we had all been living with our assumptions and fallen into a routine for birthdays and holidays. The change of pace should be good then and she won't have to do any cooking or hostessing this time. Still, I'm going to miss Thanksgiving at Grandma's. It's always been my favourite meal of the year, you know.

While on that thought, I hope Grandma's heart can take it when she sees my new look. It's been quite a shock to some people.

I have the day off work tomorrow for Thea's birthday. I have a few vacation days to use up and it's a better excuse than most. It's not often I get the chance to really do something special to treat someone on their birthday and I'm looking forward to it. I just wish she had decided ahead of time what she wanted to do. I was hoping to con convince her to join me to see Steven Wright at the Barrymore tomorrow night but I see from finding the link that it's been canceled. Carp. Well, that solves that little dilemma. Anything else will probably be cheaper anyway and I only have ten dollars cash until payday. Still, I should probably cash my unemployment check just so we don't have to spend the entire day watching anime. . . (ahh, delicious anime.)

Hopefully my “new” glasses will be in tomorrow. I bought some antique frames through eBay with the intent of having my prescription lenses put in. Bruce, as I happen to find out, collects antique glasses and was delighted to work with them. He was even kind enough to give me a “new” matching bow since the frames had obviously been repaired sometime in the past and didn't rest well on my face with the first replacement. I am well aware of the peculiarness since I only began wearing contacts regularly a few weeks ago but the frames I like are very hard to come by new these days (damn you people and your stupid narrow lenses!) I finally tried another source and found an abundance of choices. Even more promising is, Bruce told me that the frames I brought in were better quality than much of what you can find new. I rather like the look of old eyeglasses and will probably do the same thing in future when I need new frames.

For now, I think I will veg out for a while and get more sleep than usual before starting the day tomorrow.

But first, a quick meme. miang made me do it!
1. When did you first "friend" me?
2. Why did you first "friend" me?
3. What posts of mine do you like to read the best?
4. What would you like me to write about that I don't?
5. Do you think we would be friends in real life?
6. How often do you read my journal?
7. What do we have in common?
8. Will you post this in your journal so I can answer?
9. Do I actually resemble any fandom character in your eyes?

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